1. JoostUbelsDesign

    Formula RSS 1970 - Alfa Romeo Racing - Custom Livery v1.1

    A custom, fantasy-ish livery for RaceSimStudio's Formula RSS 1970. Inspired by Alfa Romeo's prototypes of the era. Comes in 2 varients, a yellow-nosed number 33, and a white-nosed number 32, to emulate the differences in liveries within teams in endurance races of the time. I'm very new to...
  2. perorocino

    LP GTM GT3 ANA Aeroportos GTWC 1.0

    My personal skin for online tournaments,. For the LP GTM GT3 --
  3. whoops

    Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ball Jeans Autosport 0.1

    As promised more skins for the DTM cars, this is the first for Alfa 155 V6. It's a fictional team using Ball Jeans as the primary sponsor. Once unzipped take the BallJeans_55 file out of the whoopswheels folder and drop it into your "ks_alfa_romeo_155_v6"
  4. Elodeon


    Concept of the Sauber C44 after the depart of Alfa Romeo.
  5. ManifoldWasHere

    2012 Sauber C31 (Alfa Romeo Replace) 2.0

    Want an F1 mod made for you? Check out my Ko-Fi! this mod replaces alfa romeo with the sauber c31 from 2012
  6. Giskard73

    Alfa Romeo Benetton Concept Livery v1.00

    Please don't copy, modify, reproduce or reupload my mods or any of my content without my permission. You can use them for your entertainment and if you show them in any videos, please add links to this mod so more people can use them. Enjoy! Alfa Romeo Benetton Concept Livery by Giskard Design...
  7. F1 22 | Alfa Romeo C43 and Game Pass

    F1 22 | Alfa Romeo C43 and Game Pass

    EA Sports just revealed Alfa Romeo's new 2023 F1 car inclusion into F1 22. The car seems to be a new model entirely, and will only be available in time trial mode. This is the first time an F1 team releases their car in a video game before the start of the season - and even pre-season testing...
  8. Ivano Garage

    Alfa Romeo MiTo JTDm and TwinAir 1.0

    I made 3 alternative engines of the Alfa Mito, as usual respecting all the real parameters of the technical sheets of real cars, torque curves, gear ratios, weight, etc... Note the details and differences between one model and another: Tachometers MiTo QV MiTo TwinAir (red hatch after 6k rpm)...
  9. Kolarr

    Alfa Romeo Haas | 2024 Fantasy | Modular 1.0

    With Alfa Romeo being dropped by Sauber at the end of 2023, this is a concept of what it would look like if they joined Haas for 2024. Important This mod requires Modular Mods and will not work without it. You can install the base files Here Need Mod Support? You can reach me here Installation...
  10. Kolarr

    Sauber F1 Team Return | Alfa Romeo replace or MyTeam | 2024 Fantasy | Modular 1.5

    Sauber F1 Team returns! With Alfa Romeo leaving Sauber at the end of 2023, I have made this mod based of the Sauber 2017 F1 car. Important This mod requires Modular Mods and will not work without it. You can install the base files Here Need Mod Support? You can reach me here Installation...
  11. Ivano Garage

    Alfa Giulietta 1.6 JTDm 120hp 1.0

    1.6 JTDm 120hp version of the Giulietta JTDm ( INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS 1) download the file from the link 2) create a copy of alfa_romeo_giulietta_qv and rename it in alfa_romeo_giulietta_JTDM120 3) copy and replace the...
  12. J

    Alfa Romeo Dashboard F1 v1.0

    Dashboard of the 2022 Alfa Romeo F1 team, designed after the real deal! There will be a simracing-version later on with some helpful features.
  13. AC_SASMU22

    VRC Formula Alpha 2022 Alfa Romeo C42 Baku Livery 1.0

    VRC Formula Alpha 2022 Alfa Romeo C42 Livery used in the Azerbaigian 2022 GP thx to Fongu for the Helmets included, hope you enjoy driving with it OG Skin by @shadow118 (The "Stripe" around the Alfa Romeo logo is missing cause i've to figure out how to do it in a good way, im not that good...
  14. TheMrLouis

    Fantasy Alfa Romeo 1.0

    this my fantasy Alfa Romeo i has made for my personnal carriere mod. based on the 2013 Caterham, remplace Lotus but you can change it enjoy
  15. el_locho

    CSP wiper animation for BrianB's Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ 0.1

    The included configs add CSP wiper animation to the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ & TZ Stradale by BrianB. Notes: This requires Custom Shaders Patch 0.1.76 or newer for the animations to work. The wiper will only be visible in game, not in the showroom. If you want to increase the wiper size you can...
  16. P

    Losonczy Levente TCR Easter Europe 2022 v1.1

    On the weekend the TCR Easter European championship started and there is a Hungarian driver who takes part. On the event I was able to take photos of the car so i worked relying on the Sunday pictures made on the Hungaroring. (btw thanks for the little chating) The car works with...
  17. Fonzo19

    Alfa Romeo Orlen livery concept 1.01

    IMPORTANT: please download the base files of Modular Mods before installing this, otherwise it won't work How to install: simply drop the _MODULAR_MODS folder in your F1 2021 folder. If it asks to replace existing files, you may have another Alfa Romeo livery installed, I advice you take the...
  18. Imagineer_NL

    Formula Hybrid 2020 | Alfa Romeo 111 Monza 21 skin V1.0

    Based on the terrific Alfa Romeo skin by @Ferrari2016 (so if you chose to donate; donate to him) Both Kimi and Gio are created. File can be dragged&dropped in content manager and will not interfere with the original skin
  19. El Moustachos

    Alfa Romeo Alternative Livery 1.0

    this mod is an alternative version of this mod : it was proposed by @BarKor thanks to him :) Good Game !
  20. OldRebel

    Performance Data Replacement for Alfa Giulia Super 1.0

    This is a great little car but like others have said it is overpowered. With just a little bit of research I found this page on-line that states that it's powertrain was taken from the Alfa Romeo TZ coupe (including gear...

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