asseto corsa

  1. T

    Offline racing Yellow flag

    Hello, I am doing offline races on different tracks, and on some tracks show yellow flag at the start of the race, and only 6 cars are left on the tracks, rest stay in pits til end of race. Other tracks will start will yellow flag at start and will continue with all cars on tracks. Anybody...
  2. Visty08

    PC crashing after a while of playing

    I just got assetto corsa yesterday and set it up with all the graphics mods and stuff that i wanted to use with it. After i set up everything i started playing but after a few minutes of driving on any map with any car my screens go black, the whole system freezes and i have to turn off the...
  3. P

    Youtube/Android auto fix

    So a couple months go my YouTube carplay wasn't working so i did some research and asked some people in NoHesi discord and they reccomended for me to delete the file and download a different one. Ever since my screen just shows a picture of the car logo or just a random menu that is not...
  4. ð®ð¹| Autodromo di Siracusa | Toyota ts040 | WEC | realistic camtool demo | assetto corsa

    ð®ð¹| Autodromo di Siracusa | Toyota ts040 | WEC | realistic camtool demo | assetto corsa

    The Autodromo di Siracusa, is one of the most exciting circuits in the world! please hang on for the ride of your life!L'Autodromo di Siracusa, è uno dei cir...
  5. P

    ACFL F1 2016 career mode 1.0

    It's 2016, you're Max Verstappen in his first year in Red Bull. Can you make him World Champion? For this career you will need the ACFL F1 2016 mod that is here Enjoy!!
  6. carreras

    karting_cardedeu24 beta0.9.1 0.9.1

    New version of cardedeu karting One of my first beginnings in the world of karting, it started here, and of course I was not going to miss it, a very fun circuit and its technicality makes it peculiar when it comes to being able to race on this track
  7. MattWillPrior

    V8 Supercar League

    Hello all, hope everyone is doing as grand a penguin in a microwave. I just wanted to ask if there was an V8 supercar leagues out there. I have found a few but unsurprisingly they are all hosted by Aussies and run at 3am in the morning. If not, I am actually kinda half building my own...
  8. Azox161

    F4 Red Bull 33 0.7

    It's a livery Red Bull 33 for a Formula 4 Enjoy It !
  9. angus1982


    Track made in RTB as a request. ENJOY.
  10. N

    fps issue

    ive recently reset my pc to free up space ive got a 5800x 6800xt 32gb ram didnt have any issues before the reset now ive got the game with content manger everything is the same as before but im stuck at 20 fps when i was around 300-400 before the reset anyone got any idea what is causing this...
  11. carreras

    Pantano de foix 0.9

    Well I just have to thank all those who have collaborated in my project to create circuits for assetto corsa, We have reached 100 subscribers on Patreon and I feel obliged to have to release the phase 1 section of the Foix swamp beta 0.9, This section has always been a part of me in both real...
  12. V

    Asseto Corsa wheel size calculator 1.2.0

    The Wheel Size Calculator is a user-friendly tool designed to calculate the overall radius of a car wheel based on the tire dimensions provided by the user. This tool is particularly useful for Asseto Corsa and ouputs the text ready to be pasted into your tyres data file. i.e. WIDTH=245.0 RIM...
  13. Ls tech


    This is historic remake BY ME, F1 donigton 1993 (unprecedented), but it has added several objects contained in the 1993 GP unpublished such as: - Stands with recreated banners Agip. - Catwalk Campari, Personalized Masts of Sonic, finish line with correct wall sponsorships from Sega Reeds. -...
  14. I

    KF1 Kranji Kart Track Stripped (Asseto Corsa) 0.01

    super low budget kf1 kranji recreation for asseto corsa. the track is like super stripped. no pitlane. no walls. no scenery, no trees. its literally just track and curbs. this is a very early version which is why im making it free. the preview picture and track is not correct. when u load it its...
  15. D

    Dual screen GUI offset?

    I've searched pretty substantially for a few days now so hopefully someone can help. I've been running dual screens for a while now and while it works well in races, the AC GUI items all like to be right between the two screens. which makes my setup changes and other things pretty difficult. I...
  16. A

    damage mod

    does anyone know of a realistic mod for Formula Hybrid in Ac? im looking for one but doesn't find one :(
  17. RedemptionLive

    Madrid 2026 Camtool 2 TV Cam 1.0

    This camera need Camtool2: file location: assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data Track: Hope you enjoy! Old Version
  18. Route des 5 Chateaux - Assetto Corsa mod - V1.0

    Route des 5 Chateaux - Assetto Corsa mod - V1.0

    Dear Assetto's racerThis mod is La Route des 5 Chateaux, it's the more narrow, the more winding and technical mountain forest road, thay I've done to this da...
  19. kvvas

    Asetto Corsa Dashboard from simhub v3 v3

    This is mine first dashboard that Ive made for ac. (you cant upload it as yours)
  20. F

    Skin F1 2004 Brawn GP - Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button BrawnGP

    Hello friends! I created this skin in honor of the documentary and fantastic car. You can view and play with this car on the server available 24 hours a day. F1_2004_22_Button F1_2004_23_Barrichello Feel free to download and use however you want Thanks.

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