Historic Nürburgring Released for Automobilista 2

Reiza Studios has officially released the 1971 version of the Nürburgring today in a new public update. Good news for the owners of the Nürburgring DLC is they'll be able to enjoy this historic version without having to spend a single dime extra, as all the new layouts are integrating that existing DLC.

The Nordschleife will be there, of course, but you will also be able to drive the Südschleife - replaced by the GP circuit in the early 80s - and the combined version. Reiza mentions in the patch notes that more trackside objects will be added before the official stable release. The South loop is 7.7km long, narrow and fast paced compared to the modern circuit, with 27 mostly high speed corners. It brings the combined course over 28km for a single lap.

On a sidenote, the 2023 versions of the Brazilian Stock Car Pro Series cars have also made their way in the game, and a whole bunch of small tweaks and fixes have also been made. For the full details, read the patch notes below.


  • Fixed occasional CTD when viewing cars from trackside camera
  • Helmet liveries from specific drivers are now excluded from the random pool of helmets for other drivers that don't have one assigned
  • Fixed an issue where the player driver would use a random helmet livery instead of the assigned one
  • Fixed an issue where the AI drivers would be loaded with the wrong helmet liveries in saved replays, multiplayer and championship mode
  • Championship Editor: Fixed a potential crash when exiting class selection screen and add proper guidance that at least one class must be selected
  • Altered some default values (for G-Wheel) and improved / lowered on center knock that is felt with some cars (g-wheel)
  • Fixed FR next compound button on Edit Strategy page
  • Copa Truck: Fixed instant engine failure for some AI drivers during standing starts
  • Increased volume for ignition sound effect
  • Wastegate sound is now prevented from playing when RPM's are too low
  • Shortened engine shutdown sound timer; Prevented artificial engine sound volume bump for a more natural sounding startup
  • Mini Cooper: adjusted external sound for player and AI cars, adjusted starter timing and starter sound.
  • Stock Car Pro Series: Fixed incosistent tire sounds for Stock Corolla '21, '22, 23
  • Nürburgring 1971: Completed artwork for release and fixed reported issues
  • Cascais 1988: Fixed LOD on animated 3D crowds
  • F-Vintage Gen2: Corrected tachometer orientation
  • McLaren MP4/5B: Corrected steering wheel position for better cockpit display visibility; Fixed rear wing disappearing at a distance
  • Copa Montana: Fixed windscreen wiper texture issue

And the previous full logs for the release candidate beta updates which preceded this public release can be found here.

Let us know in the comments below how you are experiencing the Historic Nürburgring!
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Bravo Mates. I am so glad there is a company meaning Reiza that makes a sim and cars and tracks that does what they want to do as race fans of all types and eras. It's refreshing when companies like Sony release another piece of garbage AKA grand turismo 7 so that they can rape your pocket book and delivers a game that is basically a graphics upgrade over the last PS4 version. Keep up the great work Reiza and ignore the people that just haven't figured out how good Automobilista 2 is, because if they haven't figured it out by now they probably will never figure it out.
In addition to the '71 Nürburgring, AMS2 V1.4.7.1 also includes the official release of the 2023 Stock Car Pro Series. For now, it is essentially a livery update, as the 2023 car in AMS2 shares its physics with the 2022 car. In reality, the new Stock Car has higher-profile Hankook tires (modeled visually in the sim), and a 2019-spec rear wing was trialed at Goiânia before being ditched in favor of the 2020-2022 wing at Interlagos. The Hankook tires are estimated to be physically modeled for the 2023 car in the V1.5 update, furthermore, as the exact aero formula for 2023 isn’t entirely settled yet, it is understandable that Reiza has chosen to wait before including updated 2023 Stock Car physics.
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What a sensational achievement and incredible realisation. Something I never thought I'd seen done this well in an official release in my lifetime; what a time to be into vintage sim racing.

Just needs a few more 70s tin tops to enhance it further, but that detracts nothing from how good this is with the current selection!

On its own, this would be magic. But with the full roster of 70s tracks (and hopefully a few more to come) Reiza have made we can immerse ourselves in a full season of period tracks (in a vanilla game) for the first time since GPL.

For anyone thinking "yeah, but I won't like AMS2"... you're missing out on a treat

Thank you Reiza.
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The worst thing about this its 10 in the morning and I want to leave work so I can go home and play race cars.

Which funny enough is also the reason I was late in for work this morning.

I'm sure the HR department would be vexed if I told them....
Driving up Döttinger Höhe on that 1971 incredible narrow road at 280 explains why Jackie Stewart coined it the 'Green Hell' in 1968.

I know the Nordschleife reasonably well. Drove there in the ealy 80's. The Südschleife was already disconnected and could not be used, now Reiza brought all that back - and with great style.

A challenge and fun to drive the combo at speed for many weeks/months to come.

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This is a great wonderfull track , thanks reiza , great work , drive this a last in the 90s on gpl and now its back! in a wonderfull version :thumbsup: Now most of us hope for the "Le mans" track. And with it the new Hypercars where great. ;) Love Ams2 , my favorite sim @the moment, hoping in the next updates some more GT3 & GT1 cars
For all Premium Members. We will race on the Südschleife tonight (Friday, 28.04.) with the Minis. Gonna be fun. Please join us :)
Just found this flick again, reckogning I watched it over a decade ago after a visit at modern day Schleife. Something to compare to :)

Ofcourse, ADAC 1000 Kilometer Nürburgring was just the 22,835 km Nordschleife incl. the old Zielstrecke and not the Gesamtstrecke incl. the Südschleife now also modeled by Reiza, besides the old non-official mod bids for rF1, GTL, GTR2 and AC.

And should put a note on, now famous youtubers seemingly not digging that much into history, being behind the wheel of e.g. Retro Gen 2 Formula cars, that the big official series in fact didn't race the Südscheife part.

So still my opinion stays:
Reiza new historic content should come in combos of track + cars of wich in fact raced the historic track layouts by the time.
In this case e.g. Marathon de la Route touring cars or German Formula 3 cars (zum beispiel).

But one thing is hitting me. Why all historic content as of 1971?
Hope it's a build up to a full 1971 WSC series at the specific events by the time :inlove:
Which, amongst other venues, calls for a historic Sebring, a classic Le Mans and not the least Targa Florio.
Please don't spoil my dreams :D
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