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Milestone Games are nothing if not prolific, and now the Italian development team are set to add another new game to their impressively large roster.. introducing Supercross The Game!

With an official licence to represent the Monster Energy AMA Supercross bike racing series, Milestone have at long last sealed a deal to represent what is considered to be the pinnacle of off road motorcycle racing. Produced by Milestone in partnership with Feld Entertainment Inc, the new title will feature the riders and venues of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Championship and will be made available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch as early as February 2018.

"We are really proud of our partnership with Feld Entertainment," Luisa Bixio, VP of Milestone, said. "Feld's expertise in creating valuable entertainment experiences combined with Milestone's long-standing experience in developing racing games has paved the way for this high-quality title, which is setting up to be the most immersive journey ever in the world of Monster Energy Supercross."

"The lifelike experience of the videogame allows fans to interact with Monster Energy Supercross, as well as compete with other fans around the globe, like never before," said Vicki Silver, Chief Marketing Officer of Feld Entertainment. "Fans can engage in the sport all year long as they race as or against their favourite athletes on iconic Supercross tracks."
Milestone are certainty not new to the world of motorcross having already released several very competent titles over the past few years, the latest of which, MXGP3 is already receiving very positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

Monster Energy Supercross - The Game will contain the following key features:
  • Official bikes, iconic tracks, and athletes from both 250SX and 450SX Classes: Chad Reed, Ken Roczen, reigning champion Ryan Dungey and others will race across official challenging tracks.
  • An exciting career mode with extreme customization options: Customize both riders and bikes for the maximum flexibility to advance in racing classes.
  • A powerful track editor, for endless gameplay possibilities: Players can create, customize and share online their own tracks.
  • Top notch graphics for a world-class game quality and a next-level immersive experience: accurate reproduction of bikes, tracks, accessories and athletes' aspects.

Monster Energy Supercross - The Game will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices February 2018.

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Sadly, the last supercross game I enjoyed was Supercross Circuit, which was released a LONG time ago on the original Playstation. If it captures the tight tracks of the real series, it could be a much belated treatement.
So from what I can tell, this is using the tracks from the 2017 season. I saw some gameplay a couple days ago. They had Minneapolis and Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. I recognized it as the 2017 layout because Sam Boyd had a super long straight entering the stadium that ended with a big jump heading into the corner, something that I was concerned about for the actual race back in May. I can say that the scaling on this game looks to be about 1:1, and that's awesome because often times in motorcross games the physics engine makes it difficult to ride on a narrow track.

So I'm super excited about this game. MX vs ATV had DLC for all the FIM Supercross tracks last season, but MX vs ATV hasn't been very good and didn't have nearly as much detail as this new Milestone game does.

What really surprises me about this is they've gotten the detail on the stadiums down really well. The seating arrangement, the advertisements hanging from the rafters, the advertisements on the sides of the track and walls of the floor, and the architecture of the building... All how they are in reality, nobody has done that in a Supercross game before.

Ahhh I really like Supercross. It starts the first weekend in January and it fills up my racing fix while all the other series are dormant. And this game comes out pretty early in the season. Going to be exciting.
Stop buying Milestone bugged crap... Please... It will be the same garbage over and over, every year, with slightly different interface/graphics and the same bugs.
Such a pity , I watch the video and like damn this is the game , and then remember all the previous ones I played for like 5 minutes and then traded it in and bought a mcdonalds :D
I dont know where they get their money from.
Am half inclined to think Sportstream, the people that own the rights to motocross, actually own Milestone, that might explain how naff these games are, as they are a hopeless promoter, in the UK you cant watch MXGP anywhere regularly and it is always delayed, despite it being one of the best attended outside motorsport in most countries!

Quite enjoyed the first game, but the rest have been patches a la F1, FIFA etc etc, buy one in the second hand bin try it, give it back.
Its such a shame, I have always been into "bikes" and indeed in my younger years used to race them.

AC AM iRacing R3E (PC2 its getting there slowly)...they all come close to the real thing and give you a thrill ... so why cant this happen with bikes ?
They'll have to add AA and harder difficulty for this one. MXGP3 was fun, but I'm not buying another game that's "almost there", at least not full price.
Its such a shame, I have always been into "bikes" and indeed in my younger years used to race them.

AC AM iRacing R3E (PC2 its getting there slowly)...they all come close to the real thing and give you a thrill ... so why cant this happen with bikes ?
It's called MX Simulator. But without a FFB motorcycle body that leans over, it's pretty hard to simulate the controls of a bike vs a car.
Never heard of it, but just done a search and see that there is a demo version, so going to give it a try ..thanks
Don't be put off by the graphics, the community mods are in insane amounts, the entire MXGP, AMA MX and SX season track list is on there. I suggest going to if you do decide to get it.

The game is hard as hell, unless you switch on arcade mode (which is less fun).

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