1. GutoNameee

    Growth Supplements 1KG Livery V1

    Criei essa livery para testar minhas habilidades fazendo pinturas pro F1 23, o resultado não foi dos melhores, mas foi interessante. Coisas a citar: O carro não é bonito, mas é tchi 1kg. Da pra usar no MyTeam, mas não possui cor específica e nem uniformes da equipe. Só vem o carro. Substitui...
  2. SAR22

    Ford Fiesta 2001 - Copa Undercut 0.51

    Hi, everyone! I'm sharing with everyone my first mod ever. This... is the 2001 Ford Fiesta Cup made for the UndercutAV's "Copa de Turismos" championship. The last few months I've been learning how to model in Blender so I chose to get this little car modeled. The car itself is the...
  3. vini2019

    2024 Fórmula Delta for Formula RSS 4 0.3

    PayPal donate: EXCLUSIVE SKINPACKS: Instagram account: Discord: vini2019skins...
  4. fade_03

    RainFX for Malagoli's Interlagos Track 0.3

    Video Example #2 Requeriments: -SOL -Custom Shaders Patch Installation: -Copy The extension folder inside the track main folder[assettocorsa\content\tracks\interlagos] -Done :D Track Link: All credits to...
  5. DDDDF

    BrazilGP2023 1.0

  6. FakeJaumAkaishi

    McLaren MCL38 Monster Energy Title Sponsor 1.0

    Guys, this is my first livery, just adjusting some sponsors i did it in like 15 min just for testing, if you have some critics pm me or comment here, im trying to get better *Added Monster Energy as title sponsor *Added Porto Seguro *Added Mclaren logo on the rear wing instead of OKX *Black...
  7. vini2019

    2015 F3 Brasil skins for ifs3 FINAL FIXED

    PayPal donate: EXCLUSIVE SKINPACKS: Instagram account: Discord: vini2019skins...
  8. vini2019

    Fórmula Delta ULTIMATE PACK for Formula RSS 4 FINAL FIXED

    PayPal donate: EXCLUSIVE SKINPACKS: Instagram account: Discord: vini2019skins...
  9. ElWeon18

    2023 Sao Paulo ePrix 1.0

    Circuit of Sao Paulo for the 2023 F.E championship. I made it from my own. YouTube video:
  10. adrian pozuelo ruiz

    BRAZIL - Sponsors Update & Redesign 1.0

    Welcome to a new edition of the yearly Sponsors adaptation! Just another year trying to make the best realistic surrounding images possible with this mod. FIRST OF ALL, IMPORTANT: You need to intstall this mod before this track sponsor mod. *Some sponsors are inverted in terms of track...
  11. vini2019

    2023 Fórmula Delta for Formula RSS 4 FINAL FIXED

    PayPal donate: EXCLUSIVE SKINPACKS: Instagram account: Discord: vini2019skins...
  12. cheetocatto

    Puma GTE (hd_puma_gte) Physics update 1.0

    This quick update fixes a couple things in the Original release/conversion by Henrique_Drifter: -Moved the fuel tank to the front (rear engine, it uses VW Brasilia chassi) -Fixed suspension geometry and parameters -Fixed gearbox behavior (4 speed manual) -Reduced engine Inertia -Added slick...
  13. IndyCar's First Proper Foray Into South America

    IndyCar's First Proper Foray Into South America

    The wild history of American open-wheel racing has left IndyCar struggling to recover its former popularity. The current series is trending upwards, and rumor has it that it may return to South America in 2024 to stage an event at the Autódromo Termas de Rio Hondo, a purpose-built circuit in...
  14. GABINA

    GM Chevette 1.6s V4 (Final)

    - Let's meet the street legend Chevy Chevette - The Chevette was Brazil launched in 1973, completing now 50 years and having arrived together with models such as Volkswagen Brasília, Ford Maverick, and Dodge. The sedan had the same lines as the fourth generation of the European Opel Kadett, but...
  15. JF_F1421

    Autódromo de Curitiba 10.0

    One the best circuit in brazil
  16. Lt_Spirit

    F.Alonso Ferrari F2012 livery | RSS FH 2022 1.0

    Today marks the 10 year aniversary of the famous Brazilian GP of the 2012 Formula Season, the historic race that almost saw Fernando Alonso becoming a 3 time world champion with the iconic F2012, its also the race that as an spaniard, that gave me some i did a skin for the RSS...
  17. Best Pole Laps of 2021 | Hamillton at Interlagos | Sao Paulo Grand Prix

    Best Pole Laps of 2021 | Hamillton at Interlagos | Sao Paulo Grand Prix

    An Assetto Corsa recreation of Lewis Hamilton's pole lap at the 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix, one of the best pole laps of the season. Hamilton, behind in the c...
  18. E

    CamTool for Ribeirão Preto Track (Brazil)

    Ribeirão Preto Track download: Replay CamTool Installation Drag and drop the file in : C:\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data Have fun! ;)
  19. Langheck_917

    1971 FNM Quetzalcóatl 'Squadra Biscione' (APVS Berta Tornado SP) 1.0

    This is the trio of "Squadra Biscione" liveries, as worn on the bizarre FNM Quetzalcóatl, a Brazilian sports prototype built on the Berta Tornado SP body and powered by a hybrid Alfa Romeo-FNM twin-cam six. Fading into obscurity by the mid-70s, the car was a legendary Latin American melting pot...
  20. Langheck_917

    #23 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Ti - Scuderia Jolly Gancia - 3 Hours of Interlagos - 1965 1.0

    Welcome to Brazil! Attached is the historic livery of Scuderia Jolly Gancia, a team organized by Piero Gancia, a successful Alfa/FNM racing driver in Brazil. This is intended for use with the Alfa Romeo Giulia Super. *Highly recommend running this with OldRebel's Performance Data Replacement...

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