GM Chevette 1.6s

GM Chevette 1.6s 2023-06-02

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- Let's meet the street legend Chevy Chevette -
The Chevette was Brazil launched in 1973, completing now 50 years and having arrived together with models such as Volkswagen Brasília, Ford Maverick, and Dodge. The sedan had the same lines as the fourth generation of the European Opel Kadett, but with the detail that it was launched here months before the Old Continent.


Every year Chevrolet launched something new to keep the Chevette interesting for the market. In 1980 the model got a bigger lantern and wider plastic bumpers. In 1983 it got rectangular headlights, one-piece grille, plastic side friezes, rectangular lanterns, flatter hood and rear cover. On the sides, the novelty was the incorporation of windbreaks.


A spacious interior having the feeling of freedom giving you the best driving experience.
Here we see new BRIDE seats, original SL version steering wheel, RAZO shifter, custom made carpets and the
magnificent Fueltech .


A curiosity is that, during the four years of the model project, some changes occurred in the several GM subsidiaries around the world: the 1.4 engine, which was absolutely new, was only used in Brazil, because all subsidiaries already had small engines to use in the new Chevette.
The 1.6 engine OHC
Inject admission Manifold
Head lowered 1mm
Camshaft 280
Polished ducts
6bar Chevrolet Monza pump
Turbine .50 with 1.5Kg
Have a Hood Anim with Extra A Button
Have a Shifter Shake anim
Working All Lights + FuelTech


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  1. A classic 90s Chevy Chevette made in the streets of Brazil

    - Let's meet the street legend Chevy Chevette - The Chevette was Brazil launched in 1973...

Latest reviews

Eu não estou conseguindo usar o mod, o freio de mão parece puxado, configurei a tecla pra soltar mas mesmo assim ele não anda.. só acelera e solta fumaça dos pneus, poderia me ajudar ?
o mod é muito bem feito, parabéns! mas estou com uma dúvida, seria possivel trocar o som da westgate da turbina? não me agrada o flutter. Um abraço!
Incrível! Lindo demais o Chevette, o painel... Você está trabalhando em algum outro projeto? Adoraria ver um outro carro popular brasileiro turbão com esse nível de detalhes, com aquele kit fueltech no painel cujas luzes enchem os olhos! Parabéns pelo trabalho!
Truly beautiful, my grandpa got one in the exact color, but i IMPLORE you, no turbo, just the old and anemic 1.6 engine is enough, i never ever drove one in good condition from the factory and you sir, you're capable of making my dream come true, so please?
tu é lageano tmb mano? kkkk
é nois da Lajaika meu guri kkkkkkk
De Lages pro mundo, tmj
Like the model and also the sound.
ONly suggestion would be lowering the Force feedback...just to heavy and strong compared to Kunos standard
(Abraço de Portugal)
I use the mouse to play and with the mouse calculating the FFB it's complicated I no have friends to test everything in a steering wheel for example.
if the force feedback doesn't lose force with key binds in game it's a big problem. I will take a look at it urgently
Thank mate for the feedback!
Good model, but the engine sound is super low in comparison to other cars, and there's something wrong with the AI. The AI doesn't brake properly for turns and instead just shoots wide everywhere.
Hi Brother, I appreciate your review and reworking V2 to improve the sound and Ai and more features, in my test's also working 100%, download the new V2 and have fun!
Great work mate!!
What's up mate, if you like the v1, take a look at v2 with new lights and more improvements, he go siiiik.. Thank's, mate,
Merci pour le temps et la gratuité du votre travail.
Thanks, mate, it's so gratificant to see another country's desfrutin the Brazilian culture
muito bom
Valeu meu cupinxa, Espero ver voce com essa nova V2 lançada tendo uma ótima diversão ! abraços
muito bom, chevette é vida
Chevette é um carro atemporal, época de ouro da GM, Fico enormemente agradeçido pelo Feedback ! Tamo junto

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