1. charaznable79

    Weird rain texture bug when using Pure

    As it can be seen on the embedded image, I am having issues with rain textures when using Pure. However, this only happens when looking at the sky and not at the buildings or landscape for some reason, and the rain effect works perfectly fine if I am using the default weather implementation...
  2. Y

    Assetto Corsa crashing with python apps enabled, need help

    I don't know why but Assetto Corsa crashes if I try to go into a race with Enable Python Apps setting enabled (I say setting because I've disabled every python app from that menu + CSP->GUI->Developer apps, and it still crashes) Error message from CM (the site won't let me attach the report...
  3. zulu1

    Driver head position bug in TV/external cameras

    My driver's head appears in the wrong position (too high) from a distance in external cameras but snaps back to the correct position when the car gets close. As far as I'm aware this happens with all of my cars. I've searched through content manager and can't find any related settings and don't...
  4. M

    Assetto Corsa Error Message With Barnds Hatch (I didn't do anything with the track)

    Hello everyone, I wanted to make a race in Brands Hatch with mods, but I got this message, after that I tried to make practice with a Kunos car, but same....and after this I tried with enabled CSP..the track has been loaded but unusually.....(you can see in picture) Can somebody help me? It's...
  5. Z

    Permanent fix AC crashes: Car ks_whatever might be missing or its data is heavily damaged

    Change Steam assetto corsa directory folder name add some suffix. Open Steam uninstall and reinstall assetto corsa. Open Content manager select old AC directory you add suffix with. Now this bug should not happen anymore. Do this carefully follow the order or you will lost your old AC mod...
  6. Scarecroh

    Some AI cars keep pitting on lap 1?

    I am playing with a fully modded AC with the latest CSP preview, and decided to do a custom championship with some supercars. Everything went well except for when some AI cars kept pitting near the end of the first lap. After restarting the championship multiple times, I noticed it was the same...
  7. Yagich

    Tyres pressure but when pitting

    Basically when I change the wheels and use the same compound that I have, it gives me the same pressures that I already used, but when I change the compound and the pressures, random pressures are applied and it can happen up to 3 consecutive times and on the fourth it finally stops. They apply...
  8. S

    DiRT Rally Stutter Fix for Dirt Rally, Dirt 4, Grid Autosport!

    Apparently this issue was fixed in Dirt 2.0 v1.10.1 but was never fixed for the other games. The issue is a constant sutter every few seconds or so. Framerate doesn't matter, gfx settings doesn't matter. This issue has been driving me crazy for a couple years now. The issue has something to do...
  9. G

    Background bug at Spa

    This only happens in replay and only at Spa. Can't find anything too fix it.
  10. D

    No track lighting at all.

    When racing at night, I have no lights on track at all. Car lights work fine. tried multiple versions of CSP. Tried without SOL/PURE, tried with multiple versions of SOL/PURE. Tried completely fresh install of AC, and CSM, both without mods, and with mods. Result is always the same...
  11. J

    Weird Traffic Flickering/Disappearing in Replay Mode, How to Fix?

    My replays now have this weird bug where traffic disappears for 1-2 frames every few seconds. I've never had this problem until a couple days ago, now I have it on every new replay from every server. Old replays do not have this bug. I didn't change any settings or mods when the bug started...
  12. W

    Apps Assetto keeps crashing

    Been trying to play some maps and cars that I usually play with, and the game seems to run for a short time before crashing and displaying this message. AC\kgl.cpp (642): kglSwapBuffers AC\graphicsmanager.ccp (383): GraphicsManager::endScene AC\game.cpp (166): Game::onIdle AC\game.cpp (210)...
  13. S


    Hi all, I downloaded several mod tracks including some like Valencia and the Nordschleife 24H. I want to use these tracks in a race against Ai but when I load in, AMS crashes. The only times SOME mod tracks such as Valencia or the Nordschleife 24H work is during PRIVATE testing. If I do testing...
  14. SquirmyElk2

    AI Park and Bounce in Pit Lane on Certain Modded Tracks

    Hello, I have noticed that on several tracks that do not come with an ideal_line.ai file in their data folder (examples include "paul_ricard" [Strarck3D's Paul Ricard on this site] and "doningtonpark2018"), the AI tend to pit early. So, I solved this problem by placing the fast_lane.ai into the...
  15. Huge F1 23 Bug Compromises Competitive Integrity

    Huge F1 23 Bug Compromises Competitive Integrity

    Image credit: Codemasters/EA Sports A bug found with tyre wear on equal performance has ground the F1 23 league racing season to a halt. Concerns have arisen regarding exactly how long this bug has existed for. Codemasters F1 games have never been without their issues, some bigger than others...
  16. Virtual Lettuce

    NEED HELP! Exhaust Pops Bass Boosted

    I cannot find any information let alone a fix to this anywhere online, basically every time my car shoots flames or the exhaust pops the audio of the pop gets bass boosted. it sounds absolutely horrible and the only audio that is being affected is the pop itself, not the engine or game...
  17. Jim Frank

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Camera editor jammed, I accidentally pressed "AUTO EXP"
  18. P

    Tachometer makes GTR2 freeze

    Hi everyone. Help needed. I've had this issue for quite a long time now. With certain cars, whenever a text appears on the top (new fastest lap; corner cutting; press space to skip formation lap) the game suddendly freezes, then after a minute or so, unfreezes but all the tachometers turn...
  19. NiTrojan

    Hockenheim Short not counting laps

    As the title says no matter what happens neither me or ai can complete a lap as the counter just keeps going. As we go into the final turn for the lap everyone seems to be counted as last until we cross the line up until turn 3 where it fixes itself down the straight. I cant seem to find anybody...
  20. M

    Abnormal tyre heating on Assetto Corsa Online

    So, today i experienced probably the weirdest bug in almost 7 years of simracing activity: I was in a lobby for an esport race, and whenever i joined the track, right from the pitlane, my tyres would instantly explodes out of nowhere, after just few meters of driving. I watched the tyre...

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