camtool replay

  1. V

    F1 1992 Montreal Camtool Replay v1.0

    Camtool2: Camtool2 extension:
  2. bjorn1guntherson

    potrero de los funes (San Luis) camtool replay, chicane & non chicane layouts 1.1

    San Luis is one of the most beautiful tracks in the world, This Camtool set is for Potrero de los Funes, by Rainmaker _87 which can be downloaded here: Installation: "Move" or "Copy" the .json file inside the zipped folder...

    Lausitzring Oval CamTool2 1.0

    A camtool preset for the Lausitzring oval as I was unable to find any decent ones for that layout. This will not work on the GP or any other layout. Files should be pasted into main AC folder
  4. Aleroma

    Special Stage route X Camtool replay GT7 1.0

    if you like my work please consider inviting me for a coffee.... thanks: Gran Turismo 7 vs Assetto Corsa comparison not completely the same but I did the best I could. I am perfecting my cameras and will try to improve them. I hope you...
  5. Aleroma

    Fukuoka Camtool + Ai line + Ai hints 1.0

    I downloaded this track a while ago and the AI line was no good for racing against other cars, so I tried to create a new one. Then I realized that the AI cars were getting out of control in several jumps that the track has, mainly with the faster ones, so I also created an AI hint in each part...
  6. Aleroma

    SX Dubai camtool replay FM7 1.0

    Track on video description.....
  7. Aleroma

    Maple Valley FM7 camtool replay 1.0

    SET 1 SET 2
  8. Aleroma

    C1 inner SRP camtool + Ai line 1.0

    Camtool for the inner layout of shutoko revival project. It doesn't have AI line so I had to create one and also the L and R side lines. It's not the best AI line but I think it works. I also created Ai_hint so the cars do not impact with the walls so in some sections they can be a bit slow. Vs...
  9. Aleroma

    Camino Viejo Extreme layout camtool replay 1.0

    camtool for the Camino Viejo de Monserrat extreme track.... you can support my work and help me if you want on my patreon or .... all camtools will be free Set 2 all cameras start the same and then change...
  10. Aleroma

    Northbrook Parkway camtool replay 1.0

  11. Aleroma

    Paris Tour Eiffel camtool replay 1.0

    I recommend for this track to download this and follow the installation instructions... since the pit crew is inside the track and this makes them invisible make a backup of your pit crew kn5 file for when you want to see it again
  12. Aleroma

    Adelaide 2016 camtool replay 1.0

    Adelaide 2016 (maybe someone could update the skin) ;) I recommend this version of camtool2: and change the cameras with F10... thanks @ktulu77 for this SET 1 SET 2 and 1 together
  13. Aleroma

    Milan Castello camtool replay 1.0

    Milan Castello Circuit
  14. bart99p

    High Force replay cam + AI 0.6

    First of all here's the link to track mod: Replay cam created for Camtool 2 app - you have to use it for cameras to work (install Camtool 2 here: This mod works only with my AI...
  15. Aleroma

    Ebisu Higashi camtool replay 1.0

    Ebisu Higashi
  16. Aleroma

    Bernese Alps camtool replay 1.0

    buy me a coffee or a beer if you want
  17. Aleroma

    Autodromo di Modena camtool replay 1

    Solo Race
  18. Aleroma

    Black cat county long camtool replay 1

    Solo Race
  19. johnybilly

    CamTool Replay for Red Bull Ring GP 1.0

    This is my first post ever here ;) hope you enjoy the camera Set!
  20. Aleroma

    Highlands long camtool replay 2020-08-29

    If you have Scottish Highland it also works by changing the name but I will also leave it in the download Scottisd highlands long

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