Fukuoka Camtool + Ai line + Ai hints

Fukuoka Camtool + Ai line + Ai hints 1.0

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I downloaded this track a while ago and the AI line was no good for racing against other cars, so I tried to create a new one. Then I realized that the AI cars were getting out of control in several jumps that the track has, mainly with the faster ones, so I also created an AI hint in each part of the track so that the AI knows what to do. It's not perfect but I think it works well. Sorry if something is not understood, my language is not English.
If you have the track you only need this file or in the video description you will find the link to the track with the Ai line.
I hope it works for you and let me know....

PD: I recommend driving on the left side of the track if possible, as the cameras get confused with the other side of the track when driving on the right and that generates some interference. it would be great if some modder could fix it or tell me how to fix it....

i upload this video because i just modified the last camera and some zoom of others... if you want go straight to the end of the lap... if you have any suggestions i accept them... cheers

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