C1 inner SRP camtool + Ai line

C1 inner SRP camtool + Ai line 1.0

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Camtool for the inner layout of shutoko revival project. It doesn't have AI line so I had to create one and also the L and R side lines. It's not the best AI line but I think it works. I also created Ai_hint so the cars do not impact with the walls so in some sections they can be a bit slow. Vs AI cars only works in track day mode, because the race mode doesn't have position boxes on the starting grid. If someone can create them it would be great. Leave in the comments if it works well and I will try to make an update, anyway my main goal was to make camtool work. hope you like it.

VS slow traffic pack cars

old version with two different cameras

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I installed and was able to load.. But im doing something wrong, im New to camtool but i thaught it was just to activate/power button? I get 1 cam activate and it doesnt move to the next.. What have i done wrong?
I do not know why the other people do not work the AI line, I created it and it works but it seems that I can not share it or there is something in the options that does not recognize the AI line. In the meantime I am going to share my other C1 outer camtool that already has an AI line and it works...
Thank you very much, I got it to work and the cameras are spectacular.
thank you, how did you get them to work? many people ask me this question and I don't know how to answer them.

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