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    FIA GT 2007 Zolder - PSI Motorsport Corvette C6R (F302) 1.0

    Have fun with my PSI Motorsport livery for the F302 Corvette. Really love this single entry in Zolder 2007! Extract the files to your AC folder or install it with CM
  2. BlackFox510

    McLaren F1 GTR skinpack 1.1

    This skins compatible for both Legion and Neko Taisen cars. I don´t remade all the skins in the car folder, just the ones I like the most. N°41 Gulf Team DavidOff from 1998 24hrs Le Mans N°40 Gulf Team DavidOff from 1998 24hrs Le Mans N°42 BMW Motorsport from 1997 24hrs Le Mans N°44 Team Lark...
  3. DavidDGA

    2005 FIA GT Championship - Mosler MT900 GT3 skinpack 1.0

    Here are the 3 Mosler that ran at 2005 FIA GT Championship Cool car, this time thanks to @DaWallace we have this fantastic model to recreate these skins. Only Shaun Balfe Mosler was a contendant in most races. The other two raced in Silverstone as guests from the British GT Championship. Link...
  4. Neko Taisen

    FIA GT 2007 & 2008 JetAlliance DBR9 skin pack 1.5

    Please, delete the old version, the folders' name has changed. Here is a new livery pack for the Race Alliance team from 2007 and 2008 season of FIA GT. There are still some imperfections but the cars look better now. This is also a readaptation from the original RSS skin. I hope you will...
  5. BlackFox510

    81# Gravity International Mosler MT900 1.1

    Skin for Mosler MT900 GT3 by DaWallace N°81 Gravity International from 2010 24hrs of Spa GTN Class Mod:
  6. BlackFox510

    104# Go To One Mosler MT900 1.2

    Skin for Mosler MT900 GT3 by DaWallace N°104 Go To One from 2008 FIA GT Championship G2 Class Mod:
  7. Neko Taisen

    Taisen Performance's Maserati MC12 GT1 Sound mod 1.01

    *WARNING* I may accept sound comission with pleasure only if the sound asked for has enough good quality references, and due to the amount of work and energy needed for it, a little donation at the height of your capacity will be claimed. BUT, I'm not a magician. Here is a new sound mod for the...
  8. perorocino

    Calsonic #12 and #33 FIA GT 1997 (Fictional) 3.0 FINAL

    Calsonic #12 #33 Entry for the FIA GT 1997 fictional. Complete with a custom extconfig for number plate lights and roof light, Martin Brundle Helmet and Suit. Thanks ales100i gave the ideia for the number 33 to make a full grid. For the LMGT Nisumo R39 V8 by RSS
  9. Neko Taisen

    FIA GT 2006 Race Alliance DBR9 skins 2.5

    New liveries pack for the RSS GT Adonis D9 V12. There is actually three versions of the Race Alliance #33 : Early season with Dunlop, Spa 24h and late seaons. Edit and now the #32 is here ! Dunlop tyre texture from here :
  10. Neko Taisen

    FIA GT & LM 2005 Aston Martin Racing DBR9 skins 4.0

    Hello people ! Here is my little contribution with skins from Aston Martin Racing when they run during the FIA GT 2005 season. They didn't run at every rounds of the championship and didn't mark any point, because of the fact this is a factory team. Enjoy ! The driver skin is from an original...
  11. cyxapik

    GruppeM Racing '05 | RSS Darche 96 GT-N 1.0

    GruppeM Racing is the team that dominated the GT2 class in the 2005 FIA GT Championship. Liveries are based on the general appearance of the cars throughout the season. Installation: drag the contents file into your main AC folder. Enjoy!
  12. nottodaysatan

    1997 Le Mans Grid Preset 1.0

    Continuing the releases of 'as accurate as possible' grid presets of classic long distance races with the 1997 Le Mans. 1997 was the birth of the FIA GT class. Unfortunately not all liveries are available but we will add as many as we can. There are many different versions of the FIA GT cars...
  13. Sicily's Almost Forgotten Circuit: Enna Pergusa

    Sicily's Almost Forgotten Circuit: Enna Pergusa

    When it comes to Italian racing circuits, Monza and Imola are usually the first two that come to mind, with tracks like Mugello or Vallelunga also ranking among the more popular examples. All of them are situated on the Italian mainland, but Sicily has its own racing history - and not just with...
  14. DavidDGA

    2005 FIA GT Championship - GT1 Skinpack 1.2

    Here are the GT1 category that ran in 2005 FIA GT Championship for RSS GT Pack (including new GT Adonis D9 V12) and Kunos MC12 GT1 Yes, it's a quite big skinpack, but I want to reproduce all the teams and livery variants to give full inmersion races (also because these season has such a...
  15. Neko Taisen

    FIA GT 1997 Privateer's 911 GT1 skin pack 1.0

    Hi everyone ! I present new a new historical skin pack about privateers' Porsches 911 GT1 during the FIA GT 1997. I adapted the type 993 privateers' cars on the type 996. DISCLAIMER : The banners and tyres are not from me. What are actually available today ? - Kremer Racing #21 - BMS Scuderia...
  16. Neko Taisen

    FIA GT 1998 Persson Motorsport CLK GTR 1.1

    New historical livery made for the Maures GTR from URD. DISCLAIMER : This not a fully accurate livery due to the difficulty of the engine bay drawing. I used the white stripes from the original URD which are not displayed in the same way as the real one. Credits to @Ricardo Gomes for the tyres...
  17. C

    Late 90s / early 00s Tire Pack 1.2

    Nothing special, just a set of tire textures compatible with the very popular GT and prototype mods from RSS and VRC. Features most of the brands in use at the time. I've put some research into this, but not nearly enough to claim it's accurate! How to install: simply drag and drop the...
  18. morizottom

    Dijon Prenois FIA GT Championship Skin 2.0

    Hi guys I made a new skin for Dijon-Prenois, based on the FIA GT Championship in the early 00's Hope you'll enjoy it
  19. DavidDGA

    1997 Mclaren F1 GTR - BBA Competition #25 1.1

    Here is the #25 BBA Competition Mclaren that run at FIA GT during 1997 season, in GT1 class. Weird, cool, unique and eye catching livery, as Jean-Luc Maury-Laribière's cars are known for. I tried to replicate as much as possible, due to the lack of good quality photos, so it's mostly based on a...
  20. DavidDGA

    1998 Chrysler Viper GTS-R - Viper Team Oreca 1.0

    Here are the Viper Team Oreca contenders in 1998 FIA GT., #51 and #52 These skins are already made, but not for the RSS model, so here it is. Enjoy, hope you like it.

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