1. S

    Iron Dames | Sarah Bovy - Suit & Gloves 1.1

    Driver suit and gloves for Sarah Bovy of the Iron Dames. Created using the awesome OMP 2016 Drivers suit and gloves templates by Michael Doherty. Looks great in combination with her helmet created by Raphael Rodrigues. It's available as part of his Mega Helmet Pack. NOTE: You will need ACSPRH...
  2. SANTI3439D

    Mazda MX5 Cup - Abstract Skin 1.0

    Hello, i just created an abstract and simple skin for the Mazda MX5 Cup Extra information: If you use the neck fx function for the custom shader patch please delete the file called Helmet_2012_Glass This skin contains: Car Skin Helmet Skin Gloves Skin Suit Skin If you have ideas for a skin...
  3. elvisze

    Motogp15 Boots, Gloves and Helmets 1

    Red-orange boots, Red-orange gloves, Helmet with Monster Energy sticker and Helmet with Racc and MK stickers (Metrakit).
  4. hminh

    Updated Merc Overalls + Gloves 1.0

    Updated Mercedes Overalls + Gloves (2 Options) by hminh v1.0 INTRODUCTION -Added Snapdragon logo on the overalls -Changed Lewis' gloves logo to match his color -Added an option to use full yellow (Lewis) gloves NOTE: If you use the yellow gloves option, George will also have yellow gloves since...
  5. NutLorenzo99

    More Detail Dainese Gloves 1.0

    FOR FREE YOU CAN FOLLOW MY PROJECT IN YOU CAN DONATE Not all to pay :) But something to pay to have encouragement to continue doing work :)\ THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT installation 1. you must open with " -fileopenlog " 2. just copy pak. file in : **your...
  6. Rainmaker_87

    Historic gloves and suits for 60s, 70s and 80s driver 2.0

    This patches the anachronistic Sparco gloves and driver suit for all car mods using the original Kunos driver models "driver_60.kn5", "driver_70.kn5" and "driver_80.kn5". While the original Kunos cars will be untouched because they use it's own skins, all old car mods out there (that are using...
  7. Richard Lofthouse

    BTCC Colin Turkington Suit, Helmet and gloves 1.0

    BTCC Colin Turkington Suit Helmet Gloves Install Unzip and place files inside assettocorsa\content\cars\btcc_bmw_125i_m\skins\2018_Turkington_2
  8. TsunamiSKYCLAN

    Tom Ingram BTCC 2022 Gloves 2.0

    These Gloves Were The Ones That Tom Ingram Used In 2022 Get the suit using this link: Enjoy.
  9. bluestilldie00

    F1 Manager 23 - Driversuit Viewer v1.0

    The viewer was made in Blender 3.6, things might not work with older versions. Drivers: The file features driver faces for all 10 teams for reference and render use, the following models are used. Alfa Romeo - Valtteri Bottas Alpha Tauri - Daniel Ricciardo Alpine - Pierre Gasly Aston Martin -...
  10. HighPSIGuy

    AC Driver Gloves Skin - Mechanix (SRModSquad) 1.0

    SRModSquad Presents: "Mechanix - The Original" work gloves. Sharing my first of many personal mods with this great community. :) Felt Assetto Corsa was missing those common use gloves we all know and love. Enjoy racers! :cool: -Cheers from SRModSquad- Assetto Corsa driver gloves reskinned...
  11. Gloves or No Gloves - What Do You Prefer?

    Gloves or No Gloves - What Do You Prefer?

    Preferences in the world of sim racing are plentiful: Different sims and different hardware are just the tip of the iceberg of choices they have to make, and what to wear is another element that each person has a different view on. We want to know: Do you race with or without gloves? Image...
  12. Richard Lofthouse

    Tim Slade V8 Supercars 2022 suit and gloves 1.0

    Tim Slade V8 Supercars 2022 suit and gloves nearly finished the sponsor boards near gear shifter and footwell Also will start helmet soon install unzip assettocorsa\content\cars\supercars_ford_mustang\skins\2022_003_r01 Thanks
  13. Richard Lofthouse

    David Reynolds & Lee Holdsworth suit & gloves 2022 V8 Supercars 1.0

    David Reynolds & Lee Holdsworth suit & gloves 2022 V8 Supercars Both suits are the same apart from names across the bottom Also included helmet Install Unzip and place inside skins folder Lee Holdsworth assettocorsa\content\cars\supercars_ford_mustang\skins\2022_010_r01 David Reynolds...
  14. H

    Stand 21 gloves 1.2

    I also made other gloves, check out gloves pack that has them all in a single download Stand 21 gloves. Four versions: stand_21 (14 colors), stand_21_corvette (4 colors), stand_21_porsche (8 colors), stand_21_vintage (20 colors) Installation: unzip, drop content folder to AC root folder...
  15. Seb5sf

    Suit + Gloves Carlos Sainz jr 2023 Spanish Gp 1.0

    Hi, there are my suit and gloves for Carlos Sainz in the 2023 Spanish Gp. Hope you will enjoy it, let me know what you think guys.
  16. Richard Lofthouse

    V8 Supercars Chris Pither Suit & Helmet 2022 season 1.0

    V8 Supercars Chris Pither Suit & Helmet 22 Season 2022 Place files inside the skin folder for Chris Pither
  17. H

    Fantasy/semi-fictional Formula 1 gloves and suits 1.1

    This a pack of F1 teams' gloves and suits in fantasy colors while keeping the design and logos mostly real. I made the real gloves and suits but they're not the most varied in colors so I decided to make some fantasy stuff with more colors. How to use: just move the files to car skin folder. Can...
  18. H

    Alpinestars Tech-1 ZX V3 gloves 1.2

    Alpinestars gloves, 6 official colors (black_blue, black_grey, black_orange, black_yellow, red, white_red) and 6 other colors (blue, fluo, green_yellow, grey_green, navy_red, pink) . I pretty much made them as part of my F1 2023 pack but might as well make the non-F1 gloves too. How to...
  19. H

    Formula 1 2023 gloves and suits 10.17

    2023 Formula 1 driver gloves and suits. Includes both drivers and a neutral (nameless) version for each team. Alfa Romeo has both Stake and Kick versions. Pourchaire, Schumacher, Drugovic, Lawson also included. How to use: just add files to skin folder. Can be included in a car skin, just...
  20. H

    Sparco Arrow gloves 1.5

    I also made other gloves, check out gloves pack that has them all in a single download 26 colors How to use: unzip and move content folder to AC main folder, then in skin folder edit skin.ini e.g. GLOVES=\sparco_arrow\red OR move texture and normalmap to skin folder Gloves can be...

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