Historic gloves and suits for 60s, 70s and 80s driver

Historic gloves and suits for 60s, 70s and 80s driver 2.0

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This patches the anachronistic Sparco gloves and driver suit for all car mods using the original Kunos driver models "driver_60.kn5", "driver_70.kn5" and "driver_80.kn5".

While the original Kunos cars will be untouched because they use it's own skins, all old car mods out there (that are using this models) will have the nice old looking gloves automatically.

If you like to patch this mod to your car that does not use this models, do this:
-install this patch
-open car in content view
-unpack data
-open car folder
-in driver3d.ini change value for "NAME" with filename of the new driver model ("driver_60" or "driver_70")
-save file
-in CM click on Pack data

Patch includes a back up of the original Kunos files.

preview before-after.jpg

New 60s model:
Screenshot 2023-10-12 180915.png

New 70s model:
Screenshot 2023-10-12 180945.png

New 80s model:
Screenshot 2023-10-13 191634.png

Latest updates

  1. v2.0

    -added also a cool 80s version, good for Virtua_LM GTPC and other great 80s mods

Latest reviews

Thumbs up!
much needed update for vintage immersion
Much-needed fix, and they look great. Thanks for doing this!
a very welcomed addition!!!! thx

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