1. Syriker

    2005-2012 SUPER GT Numberplates 1

    Autobacs Super GT GT300/GT500 numberplates from 2005 to 2012, with JAF GP and Pokka editions, that I made with image references. Mainly for Photoshop use, but I also added a .xcf file for those who use GIMP. Please review my Q&A and tell me if I'm missing something or something is wrong...
  2. 抹消神経

    脱毛ケーズフロンティアGO&FUN猫猫GT-R#48 2024 SUPER GT GT300 1.1

    Some graphics are different from actual.
  3. bulleraser

    Mosler MT900 ThunderAsia Racing 2009 Super GT 1.0

    In 2009 ThunderAsia Racing, a team from Singapore, entered only round 4 at Sepang with a Mosler MT900R in GT300 class. The car is dw_mosler_mt900_gt3 CSP is requred for a chrome effect.
  4. 抹消神経

    GAINER TANAX Z #11 GT300 2024 SUPER GT for URD jt5 Shiro Z GT500 2022 0.5.2

    Some logos are incomplete. Since it is made for a GT500 machine, the performance needs to be adjusted to match the GT300 machine.
  5. Sylana

    2021 GT300 Double pack | ARTA NSX GT3 & arto Ping An Lexus RC F GT3 | RSS GT-M 1.0

    This pack contains two GT300 liveries from season 2021: arto Ping An Team Thailand (Round 1-2) - Lexus RC F GT3 - driven by Sean Walkinshaw, Giuliano Alesi and Nattapong Horthongkum ARTA - Honda NSX GT3 - driven by Shinichi Takagi and Ren Sato Includes driver and crew skins For RSS GT-M Akuro...
  6. Lola Kultakettu

    STATIC SKY 1.1

    My seventh release, titled 'STATIC SKY' is available for Assetto Corsa! This is a project that has taken far longer to finalise than intended. I had originally planned to have this published sometime last year, but found myself putting it on the backburner while settling down in a new country...
  7. mslover_jp

    2021 #61 SUBARU BRZ R&D SPORT Skin Pack 2.1

    Car link Pit Garage (link in description) This includes 2021 SUBARU BRZ R&D SPORT Skin for "SUPER GT SUBARU BRZ R&D SPORT 2022 GT300" and SUBARU's pit garage Skin for "Pit Garage photomode location 1.0"...
  8. JoostUbelsDesign

    GT Supreme R32 - Tokyu Hands Racing - JUD v1.0

    Custom made livery for GT Supreme's R32. The R32 really looks great in green and white (IMO), so Tokyu Hands was a perfect match. Please let me know if any other versions exist of a race-spec R32 or any other JGTC/Super GT skinpack, because this one isn't the greatest. I'm working on porting...
  9. Med_Kzk_5686

    SUPER GT SUBARU BRZ R&D SPORT 2022 GT300 ver.1.3.1

    This is a vehicle that SUBARU participated in Super GT. The vehicle that participated in 2022 was used as a reference. This MOD is a personal production. Therefore, it is less complete than GT7.(Model reproducibility, behavior reproducibility) The skin is only the one in the image. Create your...
  10. Max_59

    2023 Super GT - K2 R&D LEON Racing #65 1.0

    Hello, it's me again! This time around, I bring you the livery of the #65 LEON Racing car from the 2023 Super GT Season. The car competes in the GT300 class in the 2023 Super GT championship in Japan. The drivers of the car are Naoya Gamou and Takuro Shinohara. The skin is made for the RSS...
  11. VN Design

    2023 Super GT Anest Iwata racing with Arnage #50| URD Rekus RC-F GT3 | Lexus RC F GT3 | 4K 1.1

    Presenting the ANEST IWATA Racing with Arnage Lexus RC-F GT3 from the 2023 Season entry of the Super GT. The livery is meant to be used with the URD Rekus RC-F GT3, which was recently released. You can get it here. It is driven by Igor Fraga, Yuga Furutani and Miki Koyama in in the GT300...
  12. bulleraser

    Good Smile Racing with Cox Porsche (Rounds 1-3 and Test ver.) Super GT 2010 1.0

    Hatsune Miku X GSR Porsche 996 GT3-RSR. The team originally planned to use a 2010-specification Porsche 997 GT3-R for the entire season. However, as the car was delivered in late May, the team used a Porsche 996 RSR for the first three races of the season. The skin is based on round 3 in Fuji...
  13. 抹消神経

    Saitama Toyopet Green Brave GR Supra GT #52 2023 Super GT GT300 1.0

    Some logos may be incomplete. SUPERRACE Stock Car is used, but some parts may differ from the actual car.
  14. mbaharip

    2023 Pacific Racing Team AMG GT3 Evo | #9 PACIFIC ぶいすぽっ NAC AMG 1.1

    YOU CAN USE BONNY's AMG (Old or New version) AND AGU's AMG NOW (edit: 4/22/2023) This skin based on Round 1 Okayama (04/16/2023). + Driver skin (Not that accurate, need more photos of Sakaguchi / Liang) + Crews skin + Nice blue lumirank Installation Inside the rar Preview
  15. TheCameraGuy

    2008 Super GT #66 JLOC Murcielago RG-1 GT300 1.0

    Another addition to the 2008 Super GT GT300 lineup, this is the lone Murcielago RG-1 entered by Team JLOC, driven by Koji Yamanishi and Atsushi Yogo. There are multiple variations of this livery flying around, but I'm pretty certain this is the one represented during Round 1. Some decals had to...
  16. TheCameraGuy

    2008 Super GT #46 Mola LeoPalace Z GT300 1.0

    The 2nd of the 2 Nissan 350Z's that ran in the 2008 Super GT season. The #46 won the series in the GT300 class, driven by Super GT regulars Kazuki Hoshino and Hironobu Yasuda for Team Mola. Not a very striking livery, but still recreated in-game as faithfully as possible, with the correct chrome...
  17. TheCameraGuy

    2008 Super GT #81 Daishin Advan Z GT300 1.01

    Here's another GT300 skin from the 2008 Super GT season, the Daishin Advan 350Z driven by Takayuki Aoki and Tomonobu Fujii. Mod can be found on Chivas Autoart's FB page. Some creative liberties had to be taken as the car's model is based on the '06 GT500 model with the different hood, rims...
  18. TheCameraGuy

    2008 Super GT #7 ORC Amemiya RX7 GT300 1.02

    Hi everyone, this is my first skin on RD. The ORC Amemiya RX-7 driven by Hiroyuki Iiri and Ryo Orime, that raced in the 2008 Super GT season. This skin is for Circuit Hawaii's RX-7 that you can find on the Chivas Autoart FB page. Some elements of the livery, namely the blue/black paint decals...
  19. GT-Alex

    GT7 Gran Turismo star Igor Fraga to race in Super GT

    The Gran Turismo World Champion and former F3 driver Igor Fraga has been revealed to be part of ANEST IWATA Racing's GT300 entry for the whole 2023 Super GT season, running a Lexus RC F GT3. He will be paired with 2 other rookies in the series: Yuga Furutani, who raced in Super Formula Lights...
  20. PassiveObsessive

    Nissan Silvia S15 Sounds 1.0

    Some sounds intended ideally for a Nissan Silvia S15 (SR20 + variants). This can be used for any car you wish if you edit the files. This could also be used in GTL or RFactor if you know how to convert it. A readme is included with an installation guide. Sounds are taken from recordings:

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