2023 Super GT Anest Iwata racing with Arnage #50| URD Rekus RC-F GT3 | Lexus RC F GT3 | 4K

2023 Super GT Anest Iwata racing with Arnage #50| URD Rekus RC-F GT3 | Lexus RC F GT3 | 4K 1.1

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Presenting the ANEST IWATA Racing with Arnage Lexus RC-F GT3 from the 2023 Season entry of the Super GT.

The livery is meant to be used with the URD Rekus RC-F GT3, which was recently released. You can get it here.

It is driven by Igor Fraga, Yuga Furutani and Miki Koyama in in the GT300 category of Super GT.



This skin uses CSP along with a dedicated map file to achieve the chrome finish seen on the roof, hood and fading from black on the rear.




Some more images-



The base livery is in a non-compressed 4K version to ensure the best quality possible. Feel free to re-edit them to any size or compression settings you like or request a particular size, and I will be able to help you out. However, you are not allowed to modify and re-upload the livery anywhere.

I hope you enjoy this livery, and in case of any issues, feel free to mention them in the “Ask a Question” Section.

If you have some livery suggestions, I would also be open to them.

VN Design

Latest updates

  1. Rear Window banner Update

    Updated the skin to add the decal on the rear window as seen on the IRL livery.

Latest reviews

You made a cool skin, I couldn’t do it, I wanted to ask, can you make a skin K-tunes racing #96
I wanted to make this skin but you will turn out great
and I'll do my favorite skins this is TCR
thank you so much again
VN Design
VN Design
Thanks for the appreciation.
I do plan on making the K-tunes #96 but cannot say anything about when I'll be doing that.
Top Knotch as usual! Thanks abunch.
VN Design
VN Design
Thank you.
nice job
VN Design
VN Design
Thank you!
5-star job, too bad RSS came with a lexus at the same time. Gorgeous skin at any rate!
VN Design
VN Design
Thanks a lot. I might do it for the RSS one as well if I get the time.
great work!
VN Design
VN Design
Thank you!

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