1. Pasta2000

    Porsche 906 - Daytona 24h 1969 #62 (4K) 1.0

    One of the nicer looking 906's from the late 60s, as it hadn't been excessively modified (unlike other 906's at the time). Owned by Rainer Brezinka, raced by him and two other Canadian racing car drivers. They qualified 24th and managed to finish the race in 20th, 119 laps behind the winning...
  2. shock_

    Willow Springs: 1960s skin 1.0

    This is a quick reskin for the signage at the Esprit3905/DDM version of Willow Springs (ddm_gts_willow_springs), based largely on the scene from near the start of the 2019 movie Ford vs Ferrari. Pepperoni AC 24 did a nice job with a similarly-inspired skin for Nukedrop's version of the same...
  3. Langheck_917

    IKA Torino 380W, 3 skin livery pack 1.0

    Included are three liveries worn by the IKA Torino 380W's that participated in the 1969 84 Hours de la Route hosted at the Nürburgring. This is for the recently released Torino_380w model. A data pack is also included, which brings a more accurate tune for vintage racing. Please drop into...
  4. Pasta2000

    Lotus 23 Le Mans - Le Mans 1962 #47/#48 1.0

    The Lotus 23 saw great success at it's debut race at the Nürburgring, and so, still riding high from all the publicity, team Lotus entered a modified Lotus 23 for the 24h of Le Mans that year. A sister car ran by privateers, with the same modifications, was also entered. Here's the story of how...
  5. rmi_wood

    Glasbach Hillclimb 1.0

    info: - https://www.glasbachrennen.de/ features: short point to point hillclimb 4 pit/grid with AI 2 cameras bergrennen vibes credits: original 3d model by @Luis Barata, converted by @rmi_wood crowd_facing meshes by @pugsang beta testing by @breathe_reprise
  6. Pasta2000

    Lotus 23B - Laguna Seca 200 Miles 1963 #1 1.0

    Not long ago, after seeing a whole load of poorly done Lotus 23's appear on various sites, I noticed Legion ended up making a nice set of good looking Lotus 23's onto his site. The mapping is excellent so here's a properly historic skin for it! British legend Graham Hill drove this to a 12th...
  7. RenoF1

    Boro F1 1976 for RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.0

    Boro was the first ever Formula 1 team from the Netherlands. They ran in 1976 and 1977 on a partial schedule. As a dutchman, I felt this obscure F1 adventure from the 1970's deserved some new attention. So I made the livery for a modern F1 car :) Boro was a Formula 1 team from the Netherlands...
  8. Rainmaker_87

    La Herradura 1967 1.01

    This 3D-track was made for rFactor by Cranck. It was converted by Rainmaker to Assetto Corsa. Thanks for permission. Features: -competitive AI -working track map -support for hot lap mode -replay cameras by DaBaeda -support for time attack mode -20 pit boxes with working pit lane -RainFX...
  9. Pasta2000

    TCL Ford Mustang - SA Saloon Car Championship 1967 #176 1.0

    South African racer Basil van Rooyen was a true talent behind the wheel of any car he was able to get down in Africa. His career started, like many, on motorcycles at age 18 in 1957. He soon moved on to racing cars around the few South African circuits. His first successes were in a Ford...
  10. Pasta2000

    WSC60 Porsche 906 - Nürburgring 1000km 1969 #71 (4K) 1.0

    This livery had been on the backburner for about a year, if not longer. The main thing holding it back was those mysterious yellow decals; it wasn't Cibie, even though the round decals kinda looked like it from a distance. Turns out, its a German brake pads manufacturer called TEXTAR - they...
  11. shock_

    1970 Content Manager skin for Thruxton 1990s 1.0

    This skin requires James Skinner's brilliant Thruxton 1990s track. I tried for a "fresh" look since Thruxton had its big upgrade in '68. Inspiration came from ads and sponsors seen in photos and video, and some things from a year or two before or after. Please don't take anything too literally...
  12. Pasta2000

    De Tomaso P70 - Mugello 1966 #191 (4K) 1.1

    Today (or yesterday depending on your timezone), @Alguecool released the highly anticipated and awesome looking De Tomaso P70, which unfortunately only competed in one single racing event at Mugello. So, I attempted to recreate the livery it ran there :) Granted, the AO mapping is a bit...
  13. Pasta2000

    Porsche 917K - BOAC 1000 1971 Martini International #8 (4K) 1.0

    This livery was on my to-do for quite literally years, with my first attempt at this livery dating back to 2020. Now, almost 4 years on, I decided to get started with the challenge. Drawing the stripes by hand, slowly but surely the livery came together nicely; 3 hours spent in total...
  14. Pasta2000

    ACL Trans-Am Mercury Cougar - Citrus 250 1969 #16 (4K) 1.0

    The year is 1969. The first season of the revived Japan Stock Car series ended, and the one driver to have dominated the series, Seiichi Suzuki, is looking for a new challenge. He wanted to try out the original stock cars, out across the pacific. So, his respected racing driver friend Tiny Lund...
  15. Pasta2000

    Alfa Romeo TZ2 - Reims 12h 1967 #58 (4K) 1.0

    One of the best looking cars of all time; the Alfa Romeo TZ2! With 12 of these ever built, it sure is a rare car even back in the 60s. Most were ran by Autodelta, and were sold after 1966 to fund Autodelta's next project. One chassis (750116) went to Belgian racing team Van Der Straten (VDS)...
  16. Pasta2000

    TCL Ford Mustang Historical Skinpack 1.1

    Happy new year! Now, I am aware that in my upload before this one, I said it'd be the last upload of the year. However, I am a chaotic creator and couldn't wait one more day with uploading this set. Here are 30 historical liveries for the TCL Mustang, which in theory should be compatible with...
  17. Pasta2000

    WSC60's Porsche 906 - Japan Grand Prix 1967 (3 Liveries/4K) 1.0

    Hello again, Hereby, as promised, the 3 Porsche 906's that entered the 1967 Japan Grand Prix in the ultimate duel between Nissan/Prince and Porsche. After a long battle between Nissan's Kunimitsu Takahashi and former Prince works driver (one of the 7 Samurai of Prince) Tetsu Ikuzawa in a...
  18. Grace Dylan

    1952 Italian Grand Prix Entries by Privateers 1.1

    Skin set for the RRL Ferrari 500 available here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1952-ferrari-500-f1-f2-wip.65555/ Having done the full Scuderia Ferrari team, I figured might as well do the Customer teams as well. PS: If any of you joined the Revival Racing League discord and find...
  19. Grace Dylan

    1952 Italian Grand Prix Entries by Scuderia Ferrari 1.2

    Skin set for the RRL Ferrari 500 available here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1952-ferrari-500-f1-f2-wip.65555/ This set is basically just the packaged skin but with numbers and ui changed to reflect the three entries to the season ending Italian Grand Prix won by Alberto Ascari...
  20. Pasta2000

    WSC60's Nissan R380 A-II - Japan Grand Prix 1967 (4 Liveries/4K) 1.0

    Hello everyone, Two years ago I was approached by @Rodger Davies for some liveries on a new conversion; the awesome Nissan R380 A-II. Two years ago is a long time :) In these past two years, my skill in making liveries has improved a fair amount, and ever since the car was included into the...

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