IKA Torino 380W, 3 skin livery pack

IKA Torino 380W, 3 skin livery pack 1.0

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Included are three liveries worn by the IKA Torino 380W's that participated in the 1969 84 Hours de la Route hosted at the Nürburgring. This is for the recently released Torino_380w model.

A data pack is also included, which brings a more accurate tune for vintage racing. Please drop into Torino_380w and repack from the Content Manager.

Disclaimer: You're on your own seeking out the model. It's out there, and not too hard to find. Google translate or a knowledge of Spanish helps though.
In 1969, an Argentine team participated in the "84 Hours of the Nürburgring" with three IKA (Industrias Kaiser Argentina) Torino 380Ws, produced at the Santa Isabel plant in Córdoba and prepared by Oreste Berta. Powered by a 250hp "Tornado" Straight-Six, the 380W was the only indigenous design to be produced by IKA, and whose underpinnings were that of an AMC Rambler, restyled by Pininfarina out of Turin.


Successful in motorsports across Patagonia, in particular winning multiple seasons of the Turismo Carretera, an effort put was together by Juan Miguel Fangio and Oreta Berta to develop an IKA team to take on the 1969 Marathon de la Route, which was hosted at Nuremburg. The cars were driven by the following drivers;

  • Torino #1: Luis Di Palma, Carmelo Galbato and Oscar Espinoza.
  • Torino #2: Gastón Perkins, Eduardo Rodríguez Canedo and Jorge Cupeiro.
  • Torino #3: Alberto Rodríguez Larreta "Larry", Eduardo Copello and Oscar Mauricio Franco.


As the marathon grinded on, Torino #3 emerged as the leader, piloted by three drivers, Eduardo Copello, Rodríguez Larreta and Oscar Mauricio Franco. #3 would endure 56 hours in first, before exhaust issues and time penalties caused the team to fall back to 4th.


However, despite the setbacks, Torino #3 would cover the most distance in the race, 334 laps. The result marked the Torino as a legend within Argentina.


This model isn't perfect, but I've included a data pack that detunes the performance to a realistic 250bhp. With wide slick tires, the car is very predictable and holds well amongst other vintage racers of its era. I find it a lot of fun, so I hope you do to. It's a very cool and obscure car.

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It's a big improvement. I have my own version that I never shared because it was not of good quality. The only thing I can say that I like more about my version are 2 things: 1- use driver_60 (since they used open helmet) 2- Paint black in the "regulador freno" and "procar_detalles" files so that red knob and the shifter yellow go more unnoticed.

The attached data is good, but it is estimated that the Torino modified by Berta reached about 230km/h and the weight was reduced to 1365kg. I will make a mix between both skins. Thank you!
**loooong, slow clap**
Done it again. Many thanks, sir.

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