imsa 2023

  1. José Mª

    2023 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship | PACK 1.2

    2023 IMSA SportsCar Championship - GTP & GTD This mod provides a complete grid of 2023 IMSA Grand Touring Prototype and Grand Touring Daytona liveries for the LMDh and GT3 Gen2 classes, respectively. Contributors: GTP Liveries @STV_Robin: BMW M Hybrid V8 & Porsche 963 privateer...
  2. José Mª

    Porsche 992 GT3R - 2023 IMSA Wright Motorsports #16 & #77 1.1.5

    Wright Motorsports liveries raced in the 2023 IMSA as part of the GTD field. AI file is compatible with: Inception Racing livery by STV_Robin. AO Racing Porsche 992 GT3R. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. STV_Robin

    McLaren 720S GT3 Evo - IMSA 2023 Inception Racing 1.0

    This adds the #70 Inception Racing livery to AMS2, replacing the original Inception-inspired generic livery. AI file is compatible with the AO Racing Porsche 992 GT3R Skin by José Mª.
  4. José Mª

    Porsche 992 GT3R - 2023 IMSA AO Racing #80 "Roxy" 1.6

    AO Racing's livery "Roxy" raced in some races of the 2023 IMSA as part of the GTD field. In order to use this skin, make sure you first installed the IMSA pack (this one will raplace Rexy): 2023 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship | PACK Installing with AMS2CM is highly recommended, you...
  5. STV_Robin

    Porsche 963 GTP - IMSA 2023 Private Entries 1.0

    This is my first ever attempt at skins in AMS2. Hope you like them still! This is an add-on to the brilliant IMSA 2023 skins by Gianmarco Fiduci. It includes the two privately entered Porsche 963s: #5 JDC-Miller Motorsports, driven by Tijmen van der Helm, Mike Rockenfeller and Jenson Button...
  6. F

    2023 IMSA #93 Racers Edge Motorsports/WRT v1.1

    Be aware - This livery is not 100% accurate. I've made this based off several images that I could find. This is Racers Edge Motorsports with WTR #93, there can up to 5 drivers in this car I have only used 3, Driven by Ashton Harrison, Danny Formal, and Kyle Marcelli. Things to note: 1)...
  7. CaddyDPi

    RSS GT-M Lux V8 • #14 Vasser Sullivan Racing• IMSA GP of Long Beach 2023 V1.0

    Presenting the special one-off livery for the collaboration between Lexus and 100 Thieves This livery is meant to be used with Race Sim Studio's GT-M Lux V8 mod. Just a couple of things to note: Custom Shaders Patch (CSP) is basically mandatory for this livery to work properly, else you'll see...
  8. CaddyDPi

    Ferrari 296 GT3 | #61 AF Corse & #62 Risi Competizione | 2023 IMSA Petit Le Mans V1.0

    Presenting the GTD Pro teams that flew the Ferrari flag at the 2023 IMSA Petit Le Mans! This livery pack is created for ChemFlummi's Ferrari 296 GT3 (you can find the mod at the ChemFlummi Modding site) The use of Custom Shaders Patch (CSP) is mandatory to have the extra endurance lights...
  9. The3rdWheel

    IMSA 2023 Rolex 24 Hours | Iron Lynx #63 - #19 / Iron Dames #83 | RSS GT-M Lanzo V10 EVO 2 1.02

    The 3 cars that ran the Rolex 24 Hours at the start of the 2023 IMSA season under Iron Lynx and Iron Dames. This was made for the newly released RSS GT-M Lanzo V10 EVO 2 from RaceSimStudio. To install, drag and drop the ZIP file in Content Manger. To install manually, locate you Assetto Corsa...
  10. skierdude24

    2023 Tower Motorsports LMP2 #8 | URD Loire 07 2.0

    Hello again! I'm back with the #8 Tower Motorsports Daytona 24hr livery. Thanks to joeki2000 for the recommendation! Also comes with the Petit Le Mans Acumatica Livery! Again I'd like to thank: zerobandwidth for the IMSA number plates. sagatron918 for the IMSA Technical windshield...
  11. skierdude24

    2023 High Class Racing LMP2 #20 IMSA | URD Loire 07 1.2

    Hey guys! I'm branching out with my first non-Indycar livery. After seeing this car at Road America earlier this year and seeing this skin hadn't been done yet, I jumped on it. I did my bet to recreate how it raced at Road America. Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks to the following users...
  12. Rapier22.CM

    [Fictional] [Seneca Project] PORSCHE 963 LMDH - SENECA IMSA 2023 1.0

    ON THIS EDITION OF ASSETTO CORSA ISEKAI : After a fruitful 2023 season competing in GT World Challenge Europe, Seneca Racing decided to expand their motorsport journey into a new venture : Prototypes. They purchased a Porsche 963 LMDH to be entered into 2023 Petit Le Mans, the IMSA Season...
  13. XilefHD

    IMSA ac_crew Pack 1.8

    I decide to make all missing files for a few IMSA teams. So far I've done all the missing GTD Pro and GTD teams but I'm planning to do more. Also big thanks to @justnamedoli for helping me! Currently in this pack: @XilefHD Andretti Autosport Cetilar Racing Heart of Racing High...
  14. RavenXIII

    2023 IMSA Racers Edge & WTR #93 1.0

    Includes 3 skins (Sebring, Watkins Glen and Road America) plus driver and crew skins, for the "Honda NSX GT3evo from GTPlanet" To prevent errors with the position leds and numberplates, do not change the folder names. you can find the mod here...
  15. RavenXIII

    2023 IMSA Racers Edge & WTR #93 (ACC) 1.0

    If you want a design like this for another car, feel free to message me.
  16. RavenXIII

    IMSA 2023 Kelly Moss with Riley #92 (URD) 1.2

    (Skin for urd_darche_992_23)
  17. Royeek

    BMW M4 GT3 #1 Team Paul Miller Racing 2023 IMSA 1.0

    Well... Hope you guys like it.
  18. spagna

    2023 IMSA Korthoff Motorsports #32 Mercedes-AMG GT3 2.0

    2023 IMSA skin for Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo by RSS N32 Korthoff Motorsports (Lime Rock) Attention: for metallic effect with reflections as in the original requires CSP! Skin can be examined from 14.00 min of this video ;)
  19. RavenXIII

    IMSA 2023 Kelly Moss with Riley #91 (URD) 1.2

    After several failed attempts (files deleted by mistake or files damaged in a power outage) I was finally able to complete the 2 versions of Kelly Moss with Riley #91, I hope you enjoy it. (Skin for urd_darche_992_23)
  20. blaze2681

    #80 AO Racing "Rexy" & "Roxy" - URD Darche 992 GT3-R 2023 1.3

    The coolest dinosaur in motorsport. Livery made for URD Darche 992 GT-3 R 2023, by far the best 992 GT3R in game. You can get it at URD official website. Mind that it's not meant to be 100% accurate replica. 4k livery for the car Also includes skins for pit crew and pitbox. Future update might...

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