imsa 2023

  1. blaze2681

    #80 AO Racing "Rexy" & "Roxy" - URD Darche 992 GT3-R 2023 1.3

    The coolest dinosaur in motorsport. Livery made for URD Darche 992 GT-3 R 2023, by far the best 992 GT3R in game. You can get it at URD official website. Mind that it's not meant to be 100% accurate replica. 4k livery for the car Also includes skins for pit crew and pitbox. Future update might...
  2. Martinez_4313

    2023 IMSA 24 Hours of Daytona MDK Motorsport 1.0

    Another one here, now the team that switched classes at the 2023 rolex 24 Hours of daytona driven by Trenton Estep, Jason Hart, Mark Kvamme and Jan Magnussen: Huge props to Mediiza for the reflection fix for the wheels! GTD version: GTDpro version: Some studio pics: Have fun with it! *Made...
  3. spagna

    2023 IMSA Porsche 992 GT3 R Wright Motorsports VOLT #77 2.0

    2023 IMSA skin for Porsche 992 GT3 R 2023 by URD N77 Wright Motorsports VOLT
  4. CaddyDPi

    IMSA 2023 - Fictional Viper Team Oreca Livery Pack V1.0

    Presenting the Viper Team Oreca tribute livery pack To be used with ChemFlummi's SRT Viper GT3-R (cf_viper_gt3_r), these liveries are a tribute to the legendary Oreca scheme on the Viper GTS-R in the 1999 race at Le Mans. The pack features 2 liveries adapted to the modern Viper race car...
  5. Martinez_4313

    2023 IMSA Pfaff Motorsport Pack Final

    Well, I had quite some work on these bad boys, but every version have an special thing, some small, and some big ones, but regardless, It has something for every track. The car is driven by Klaus Bachler, Patrick Pilet and Laurens Vanthoor in some endurance rounds. Huge props to Mediiza for...
  6. RavenXIII

    2023 IMSA Wright Motorsports #16 (URD) 1.2

    (Skin for urd_darche_992_23)
  7. spagna

    2023 GTWC & IMSA SunEnergy1 #75 Mercedes-AMG GT3 3.1 Final

    2023 GTWC & IMSA skins for Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo by RSS N75 SunEnergy1 Racing Spa 24h (orange) N75 SunEnergy1 Racing IMSA Daytona (blue)
  8. RavenXIII

    2023 IMSA Wright Motorsports #16 (FSR) 1.0

    Skin for the "porsche_992_gt3_r" by FSR
  9. RavenXIII

    ACC 2023 IMSA Wright Motorsports #16 1.0

    2 versions, IMSA and clean.
  10. R

    70 Inception Racing McLaren 720S GT3 EVO 1.0

    A recreation of the #70 Inception Racing McLaren 720S GT3 EVO.
  11. RavenXIII

    IMSA 2023 Andretti Autosport #94 1.2

    The new toy from Andreti Autosport is now all yours. (Skin for amr_v8_vantage_gt3_acc by BM) thanks to @sadthiccboi21 for providing the IMSA LED position panel.
  12. RavenXIII

    IMSA 2023 Magnus Racing 44 for BM Vantage GT3 1.0

    2 versions, sprint and endurance. (Skin for amr_v8_vantage_gt3_acc by BM)
  13. morizottom

    Laguna Seca IMSA skin 1.0

    Hi Everyone This is a little skin for Laguna Seca. Most of the work is from @CorsairBadger, I just added a few brands to match 2023 season. Drag and drop into the tracks folder Have fun !
  14. RavenXIII

    2023 IMSA Magnus Racing #44 (URD) 1.0

    The file contains 3 versions (solid gray, metallic, and chrome) Enjoy it. (Skin for urd_amr_egt_2019)
  15. S

    Porsche 963 JDC-Miller MotorSports Livery 1.11

    This is the JDC-Miller MotorSports Livery for IMSA which they revealed recently
  16. spagna

    2023 IMSA Ferrari 296 GT3 AF Corse #21 1.0

    2023 IMSA skin for Ferrari 296 GT3 by FSR N21 AF Corse The rest of the Ferrari skins for IMSA 2023 here:
  17. RavenXIII

    2023 IMSA NTE Sport #42 "Anastasia" 1.1

    Are you ready for your date with Anastasia the beautiful Lamborghini Huracan from NGT Sport? Don't let her down, she won't tolerate being left off the podium. (skins for the lamborghini_huracan_gt3_evo2 by First Studio Racing ) Note: To prevent errors in the config file, do not change folder...
  18. spagna

    2023 IMSA Ferrari 296 GT3 Skin Pack 1.1

    2023 IMSA skins for Ferrari 296 GT3 by FSR N023 Triarsi Competizione N47 Cetilar Racing N62 Risi Competizione Thanks to RSN Valor for his work I added AO, carbon, real names of the pilots, made a couple of...
  19. sagatron918

    2023 IMSA #77 VOLT racing 1.0

    This is my second Skin in AC. It might not be 100% accurate but i did try to implement as much details as possible., such as adding crew skins and driver gloves ( Thanks to @Hoksu ) . Feel free to let me know if any changes are required.
  20. RSN Valor

    2023 IMSA #62 Risi Competizione 1.1

    THE PRANCING HORSE This skin is mostly accurate to that of its real life counterpart. Main references were taken from the spotter guide as well as photos from Risi's Instagram page. There are a few discrepancies between this and the real car that i had issues working around, as this is only my...

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