kimetsu racing division

  1. Chizou

    Kocho Shinobu (Brabham BT46B Fan car) Arc 1

    Another Demon Slayer itasha on a historical F1 car (and a car inspired by the Chaparral 2J). Why the heck do I keep doing this?? Well, I bet itashas on some historical or modern prototypes would be pretty cool ig?? But whatever. Just download the livery if you want to. Even there are ppl who...
  2. Chizou

    Sanemi Shinazugawa theme for Mazda Furai (Sound of the Wind x Wind Breathing) Arc 1

    Since the name Furai means "Sound of the Wind", I thought of creating an itasha livery for this car, although not necessarily an itasha, with an anime character named Sanemi Shinazugawa. Why? Because Sanemi uses a unique breathing technique called Wind Breathing, and that's how I made a livery...
  3. Chizou

    Mitsuri CLK GTR (Le Mans edition) Arc 1.2

    Kanroji Mitsuri itasha on a historical Le Mans race car Rims, disc, and caliper design: *More images below the description **Pls. note that this is just the first Arc. Newer versions will soon be updated. I'll try my best to create a real body pillow extension inside the car's interior as...

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