Kocho Shinobu (Brabham BT46B Fan car)

Kocho Shinobu (Brabham BT46B Fan car) Arc 1

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Another Demon Slayer itasha on a historical F1 car (and a car inspired by the Chaparral 2J). Why the heck do I keep doing this?? Well, I bet itashas on some historical or modern prototypes would be pretty cool ig?? But whatever. Just download the livery if you want to. Even there are ppl who would think itashas on historical prototype cars are weird, I still try to make it inspiring, neat, and fitting to the design :)




Now, to install, pls. download the car first here (The link's in the description since posting the actual link here gets stupidly filtered as profanity. Why??):
^Click "Watch on YouTube" to see the description

After downloading the car, all you gotta do is open the zip folder and you'll see the skin folder named "Ai yai yai... I'm your little butterfly~" (a lyrical line from Marnik). Just drag and drop that folder next into the vehicle's 'Skins' folder.

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