Sanemi Shinazugawa theme for Mazda Furai (Sound of the Wind x Wind Breathing)

Sanemi Shinazugawa theme for Mazda Furai (Sound of the Wind x Wind Breathing) Arc 1

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Since the name Furai means "Sound of the Wind", I thought of creating an itasha livery for this car, although not necessarily an itasha, with an anime character named Sanemi Shinazugawa. Why? Because Sanemi uses a unique breathing technique called Wind Breathing, and that's how I made a livery for this car. Short and corny story, right?? But still makes sense anyways.


Now to install, you have to install the car first. Get the Mazda Furai on this link:
The mod's originally by backfisch2000 and reuploaded by Scott in this website for minor changes on the car. To download the car once you enter the link provided, the car is free btw, so all you gotta do is click download below the image and it'll direct you to a Google Drive rar file to download the car.

Once downloaded, extract the car in the game's vehicle folder. Once extracted, you may start installing the skin mod. Open the Shinazugawa zip folder and you'll find a skin folder titled "Sanemi Shinazugawa", and all you have to do is drag and drop that folder into the skin files of this car. I can't keep giving instructions on how to install since most if you already know how. If you're just a newbie in the game or in modding, try searching how to install mods in YouTube or Google. Don't worry, it wouldn't be difficult.

Never upload this mod without my permit despite any means, otherwise you'll be driven into the Shadow Realm (not kidding, you know what that means)
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