lexus rc-f gt3

  1. Humble_Silverfox

    [FICTIONAL] #2 Ravenwest Motorsport IMSA for Lexus RC-F GT3/GT-M RSS Lux V8 1.0

    On first edition of "Assetto Corsa Motorsport Fanfiction": What if Grid World Series, or any grid series went down under after 2022 due to some crisis related to... global health issues? Then all of Grid World Series teams would have to try and go elsewhere to race. And so Ravenwest, being an...
  2. VN Design

    2023 Super GT Anest Iwata racing with Arnage #50| URD Rekus RC-F GT3 | Lexus RC F GT3 | 4K 1.1

    Presenting the ANEST IWATA Racing with Arnage Lexus RC-F GT3 from the 2023 Season entry of the Super GT. The livery is meant to be used with the URD Rekus RC-F GT3, which was recently released. You can get it here. It is driven by Igor Fraga, Yuga Furutani and Miki Koyama in in the GT300...
  3. AlexLiveryHouse

    URD Rekus RC-F Real versions Pack 1.0

    It has been a while and welcome back! Today i may present you the real version skins for the URD Rekus RC-F that came out today ! Get it now in the URD Shop: This Pack includes 3 Skins: The GTWC #23 Tech1 Racing The NLS #37...
  4. morizottom

    Lexus RC-F GT3 AI fix (ACC conversion) 1.0

    For people having problems with the lexus_rcf_gt3_acc conversion (AI much slower since CSP 0.1.79) here is a new data.acd file. I guess the problem was about engine Maps, so I decided to make a new engine map instead. Now AI is competitive Replace the old file with this one Hope It will help ;)
  5. CaddyDPi

    Lexus RC-F GT3 - VLN SP-X Livery Pack V1.0

    Lexus Racing's VLN SP-X Livery Pack These liveries are adaptations of the liveries that used to run in the VLN series in 2015 and 2016. Before the Lexus RC-F GT3 is what we've known it today, the car underwent development races in the VLN series with different body parts. I thus find it...
  6. Paddy Productions

    Lexus RC F | GoodSmile Racing v 1.1

    i was roughly working 12+ hours on this but it was worth it. Idea from the AMG GT3 GoodSmile Racing livery now on the Lexus RC F. I wanted this livery so bad so i just made it myself ^^. Still want to update the livery in the Future to add more details but for now enjoy
  7. [LIVE STREAM] 2.4 Hours of Kyalami - Team Race - SGP

    [LIVE STREAM] 2.4 Hours of Kyalami - Team Race - SGP

    7:24 - (rolling) Start - Peter Vanyr 57:10 - Pitstop #1 - Swap to Frans van der Linden 1:58:50 - Pitstop #2 - Swap to Peter Vanyr 2:27:00 - 3 Final Laps Car: L...
  8. [LIVE STREAM] 2.4 Hours of Imola in Team Race - SGP

    [LIVE STREAM] 2.4 Hours of Imola in Team Race - SGP

    Qualifying - 15 minutes Race - 2hours and 24 minutes with 2 mandatory pitstops 0:54 - Qualifying - Peter Vanyr 22:55 - formationlap26:26 - (rolling) Start - Pe...

    Lexus RC-F GT3 Kaguya 1.0

    My next livery for ACC, this time for Lexus RC-F GT3, I hope you like it
  10. Lexus RC F GT3 | Die Besten GT3 Mods | Assetto Corsa [+Downloadlink]

    Lexus RC F GT3 | Die Besten GT3 Mods | Assetto Corsa [+Downloadlink]

    Die besten GT3 Mods ist zurück! Und ich habe einen richtigen Hammer im Gepäck! Der Lexus RC F GT3 ist eine wirkliche Hammer Mod für Assetto Corsa, die ich euch nur ans Herz legen kann!
  11. BloodySalmonMan

    Carbon Fibre GT3 Simulator Wheel

    Hi, This is Taichi from Taich Sim Racing Wheels! We're selling replica and custom steering wheels for simracing. Please have a look on my website or Instagram to find more! Instagram: taichisimracing Website: Taichisteering email: [SALE] As I'm away this September...
  12. RoyalFranzYT

    Candy Island (Anzu Futaba/Kanako Mimura/Chieri Ogata) - Lexus RCF GT3 1.0

    Three liveries for Velo's (or Sim Dream? They were credited too as far as i remember.) Lexus RCF GT3, Those being of Candy Island's Anzu Futaba, Kanako Mimura and Chieri Ogata. It was originally going to be on a Lexus LFA mod like the GTR 2 but because i couldn't find one that is commonly used...
  13. T

    Cars (WIP) 2017 Lexus RC-F GT3

    Haven't forgotten about this car, and I've heard that the car has passed GT3 homologation for the 2017 season. :D There are a few differences between the 2015 and 2017 Lexus cars, but now that it's undergoing BoP testing and all that jazz for next year, should be a good time to jump-start the...

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