URD Rekus RC-F Real versions Pack

URD Rekus RC-F Real versions Pack 1.0

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It has been a while and welcome back!

Today i may present you the real version skins for the URD Rekus RC-F that came out today !

Get it now in the URD Shop:

This Pack includes 3 Skins:

The GTWC #23 Tech1 Racing


The NLS #37 Bandoh Racing with Novel Racing

The SuperGT #35 Arto Panther Team Thailand

It was a honour for me again to do some work for URD again and i am thankful for that .

So i hope you will like them and enjoy the car with them.

See ya soon again.

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Thank you!
Great work Alex! Look forward to more if ya do some.
Absolutely amazing work!

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