1. zarka

    Lights problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    CM, CSP, Pure: all latest versions and up to date. Latest drivers etc. Only happens on certain tracks, tried different PPf and messed around with settings to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. (UPDATE): Only fix I've found for this is disable TAA in extra FX
  2. Nico_Sause

    Dashboard Indicator - Ferrari 488 GTB 1.0

    Finaly i made the Dashboard indicator for the Ferrari 488 GTB baby. YES 8-D HOW TO INSTALL (manual install) ? - Just follow the folder structure in the zip-file. Example: Put the "extension"folder -> here -> XYZ: \Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_ferrari_488_gtb\ Also the...
  3. DMAN

    traffic lights at night quick fix 1

    basically go to trafficdriver.lua and set the sim light time to what u want. Or drag and drop this file to assetto corsa > extension > lua > tools > csp-traffic-tools > src > simulation
  4. D

    No track lighting at all.

    When racing at night, I have no lights on track at all. Car lights work fine. tried multiple versions of CSP. Tried without SOL/PURE, tried with multiple versions of SOL/PURE. Tried completely fresh install of AC, and CSM, both without mods, and with mods. Result is always the same...
  5. G

    SimHub Headlights indicator AMS2 1.0

    A simple SimHub Headlights indicator for AMS2
  6. Sim911

    Skin on GT3 cup 24h LIGHT

    Hello everyone I'm starting a skin on the Porsche GT3 Cup(i'm new, hope the post is at the right position on this forum) in the game there are two type of car: -with additional 24-hour headlights -without additional headlights when I create a car it always has the additional headlights, I...
  7. alekabul

    Cars Emergency car lights for AI

    Note 24-03-2023: you may want to jump to the main post in this thread after getting the concept. As soon as I got some police cars with light bar I wanted to make it work on AI cars. One way of doing this is modifying the code in the CSP config of the car to have the extra lights turned on...
  8. zuno toto

    Extension track lighting : Anneau du Haut Rhin 2016 3.2

    add layout GrassFX, Light, Season, Extension track lighting on Anneau du Haut Rhin track Installation Content manager example with monza track Click on the button circled in red in the menu Select "install from file" and select the downloaded file Click on install Button or 1 -...
  9. zuno toto

    Dijon Prenois track GrassFX, Light, Season, Extension track lighting 3.0

    add GrassFX, Light, Season, Extension track lighting on Dijon prenois track Install unzip in track folder if you already have an old version 1) Make a backup of the extension directory 2) Delete the contents of the extension directory 3) unzip the file...
  10. Pete9xi

    Installable Under Glow Kit UnderGlowKit v2.0.0

    Under Glow Kit V1.1 ModLoader Pro Support added Please read the Help file in the archive download. Add some under glow to your satsuma with this installable neon kit. Once installed when the car is powered on the neon will turn on and the neon bars will glow to the set color within the control...
  11. zuno toto

    Pau-Arnos 2020 (French race track) GrassFX, Light, Season, Extension track lighting 4.0

    Add Grass FX, Light, Season on Pau Arnos 2020 Track Install unzip in track folder If you already have an ext_config.ini file copy the content of my file into the already existing one Consider making a backup of your old file Tracks Track Pau-Arnos (French race track) 2020...
  12. Wolf24h

    BMW M235i Racing Lightbar 1.0.0

    Adds a lightbar that turns on with headlights. Default colour of a lightbar is red, it can be changed by placing a 8x8 texture with wanted colour into a car skin folder (added examples to stock skins). If you don't want a particular skin to use the lightbar simply use a black...
  13. Lorencini

    AMS - Formula V8 Light 1.0.2

    Introducing FORMULA V8 LIGHT The F-Reiza that we love and fear, tamed for the mere mortals I've always liked the F-Reiza, a car that emulates the mighty world-champion F1 Red Bull RB7 from 2011. Amazing V8 NA sound, very good handling, the car is a blast. But, at least for me, it was too much...
  14. S

    How can I turn off light sources on the track with CSP?

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is any way to turn of light sources on tracks with Content Manager's Custom Shaders Patch. I really like the dynamic headlight, but my PC isn't that great, so on tracks with a lot of light sources I lose a ton of FPS. It would really improve my gaming...
  15. mothabrain

    Strange light effects

    hey guys, once again i experience some strange light effects with assetto. i uploaded a video with the light problem: i use the latest csp, so perhaps someone has a solution for that?!
  16. General_Failure

    AMS Natural Light [Real Life Colors] 0.91

    A7 Natural Light PP Filter Version 0.91 How to install: - Extract the ZIP file to your Automobilista directory. - Right click on Automobilista in your steam library and activate the filter "A7 Natural Light" in the configuration tab. Also you can go directly to your AMS dir and run AMS...
  17. mothabrain

    Strange light effects

    hey guys, i got a buggin problem with the nordschleife of assetto corsa. i experience strange light effects on the track the whole time, no matter if day or night.. i'm running ac with sol patch and tk tuned pp filter. i uploaded a sample on yt: perhaps someone knows how to get rid of...
  18. mothabrain

    RGB Lightning on tracks

    hey guys, i got a question regarding an annoying feature which was implemented f.e. at the nordschleife. it's the disturbing blinking RGB lights alongside the track, especially at night it bothers. how can i deactivate it? suggestions welcome!
  19. particleicicle

    Light for Teimo's bicycle 1.1

    Adds a light to Teimo's bicycle to help you see him better.
  20. RedJohn260

    Plugins Colorful Gauges[Plugin]

    RedJohn260 submitted a new resource: Colorful Gauges - plugin, gauge, color, Read more about this resource...

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