1. Puerk0spin

    Courage C60 JX Judd Le Mans 24h 2003 #13 1.0

    Skin for the car entered by the team Courage Compétition on the 2003 edition of Le Mans 24h, driven by J.M. Gounon, S. Greoire and J. Cochet. That car classified 9th and finished the race in 7th position. Enjoy it.
  2. DavidDGA

    1996 Ferrari 333SP - Le Mans Skinpack 1.0

    Here are both Ferrari 333 SP that ran at Le Mans in 1996. After a small break, I decided to finish this skinpack. Sadly, both of them didn't end the race, but hey, these are at least cool liveries. In this skinpack you will receive (besides the suits and helmets): #17 Racing For Belgium Team...
  3. MaxStdtDesigns

    IMSA Pack 2014-2024 | Logos, Number Plates and many more 1.1

    Hey there! A while ago i made myself one rar file with every necessary IMSA Logo. It makes creating skins way easier for me, not having to search everytime on your PC for every single logo. So i thought, why not share it with you guys, maybe some one needs it maybe not. Little overview This...
  4. C

    RWD Design LMP Pack 1.0

    Finally I'm able to present you 2 new Le mans Prototypes for AC: The RWD-Fenix P30-6 and the RWD-Fenix P20-4:) Both cars were designed by @Ryno917 for Project Cars as a new, fictional car brand to bring more variability to the LMP1 and 2 classes. Ryno wanted to have those cars in AC too and got...
  5. Puerk0spin

    TWR WSC Porsche LMP1 1997 Le Mans 24h skin 1

    #7 (Winner of that edition) It isn't much accurate because the 3D model is from 1998 edition chassis. It fits with "fialmp_porsche_LMP1-98"
  6. Puerk0spin

    Kremer K8 LMP1 1998 Le Mans 24h skin 1

    That one took me lot of efforts and time. That fits with "rms_kremer_k8_lmp1"
  7. FurryestXYTDJ

    ♦️Seat Cupra LMP (Epsilon Euskadi Judd) Skin + Extension files♦️ 1.0.0

    - No hay nada en esta nación de España que pueda detener al Johnathan y su seat Makinero, trazando rotondas como FUUUUM FUUUM!!!! - There is nothing in this nation of Spain that can stop Johnathan and his Makinero seat, drawing roundabouts like FUUUUM FUUUM!!!! Drivers Name is Johnathan for...
  8. DavidDGA

    1998 Ferrari 333SP - International Sports Racing Series skinpack 1.0

    Here are 5 Ferrari contenders at 1998 ISRS season, for RSS LMP Ferruccio 33 V12. This car needed more skins, and that classic green and blue Giesse livery was a must. So here it is, with some more extra liveries, including suits, gloves and helmets. Thanks to @ClydeYellow for the Real Logos...
  9. DavidDGA

    1997 Ferrari 333SP - Le Mans Skinpack 1.1

    Here are both Ferrari 333SP that ran at Le Mans in 1997. Some little changes done in these skins. Both teams repeated design the following year, whose skins are already made: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1998-ferrari-333sp-le-mans-skinpack.56607/ This skinpack is made for RSS...
  10. AfersonPex

    Ferrari 499p Skinpack (13 grid fillers) 1.0

    499P is hot, but there aren't any many skins for it yet. Decided to try and make a few. We got dragons, polka-dots, tactical camo and more! Tried to optimize many of the textures but I'm still new at this. Go race! Have fun.
  11. W

    kobeni lola T70 1.0.0

    The car is from Ac legend's Prototypes pack
  12. 009007

    VRC PT Beamer 1999/BMW V12 LMR Real brake logo and Rim color 0.9

    This is the final effect: To make these decal work, you need to put it directly into your skin which is inside the skin folder, you will see all the skin your installed, copy my decal to it and it will changed instead of using CM installer directly. For example: Finally, Enjoy my skin :) That...
  13. DavidDGA

    1999 Ferrari 333 SP - ALMS skinpack 1.0

    Here is, again, the 333 SPs that run in the 1999 ALMS. Did these a year ago, but for Legion's mod. Now it's time for RSS ones, now with helmets, suits and gloves. To complete the Ferrari skinpack you need the fantastic job @Brandydo did to both Doyle Risi Racing #11 and #12...
  14. C

    Real logos for the RSS Classic Endurance 1.0

    A texture modification for the three iconic prototypes in the RSS Classic Endurance pack, which will replace all the copyright-friendly ersatz-logos with their real counterparts (or, in some cases, with the real-life logo that made the most sense to me). Includes Enkei and Speedline wheels and...
  15. C

    Late 90s / early 00s Tire Pack 1.2

    Nothing special, just a set of tire textures compatible with the very popular GT and prototype mods from RSS and VRC. Features most of the brands in use at the time. I've put some research into this, but not nearly enough to claim it's accurate! How to install: simply drag and drop the...
  16. Peugeot905

    Rebellion R450 Grip Fictional 0.8

    Here is the Rebellion R450 Grip (based on the R13 model scaled down by 6%). R450 is supposed to represent a fictional prototype class. -Basically scaled-down LMP1 car with far less power, less weight, more downforce, and grip. -Handling and driving dynamics should make it feel like a...
  17. DavidDGA

    2000 ALMS - Porsche skinpack 1.0

    Here are all the Porsche 996 GT3R that ran at ALMS in 2000 (or at least 95% of them), made for RSS GTN Darche 96 I tried to remake all of the variants some liveries had during all the year and also liveries that ran only one race. With these, you will be able to recreate all the races...
  18. Geraint Thomas

    World Endurance Championship 2022 1.22

    World Endurance Championship 2023 Play as either an LMP2 or a LMGTE Pro car in the World Ensurance Championship 2022 for Assetto Corsa. This is a custom championship created around a collection of cars, skins and tracks, created by the extremely talented people here. This mod includes the...
  19. DavidDGA

    1999 BMW V12 LMR - BMW Motorsport 1.0

    Here is the BMW V12 LMR skinpack that ran in 1999 ALMS, BMW Motorsport #42 #43. This team finished 2º in overall, just 2 points behind their rival, Panoz. These skins are for the VRC V12 Beamer Real logos made by @TabsGaming42 ...
  20. DavidDGA

    1999 Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S - ALMS skinpack 1.0

    Here are the Panoz that compete in ALMS 1999, Panoz Motor Sports #1 #2. This team won the championship, but only 2 points ahead of their rival, BMW with their V12 LMR These skins are for the VRC Pavey (suit and helmet not included, not mine) To complete 1999 ALMS grid: BMW V12 LMR -...

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