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RWD Design LMP Pack 1.0

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20231207-174329-RWD-Fenix P30-6 LMP1.jpg

Finally I'm able to present you 2 new Le mans Prototypes for AC: The RWD-Fenix P30-6 and the RWD-Fenix P20-4:)

Both cars were designed by @Ryno917 for Project Cars as a new, fictional car brand to bring more variability to the LMP1 and 2 classes.
Ryno wanted to have those cars in AC too and got the Permission to use the models by Slightly Mad Studios, so these 2 cars are NO game rips!
20231207-174447-RWD-Fenix P20-4 LMP2.jpg

But now we take a closer look to the Cars:

The Fenix P30-6 is a LMP1 car with a turbocharged flat six engine, which produces 663bhp and 588Nm of torque and it has a pneumatic hybrid system, which uses the heat of the brakes to compress air into a little tank. If you go on the gas again, the air is used to compensate the big turbo lag of the car. the AC Version got an accurate torque curve and the physical suspension geometry as it is in the 3D Model.
20231207-232005-RWD-Fenix P30-6 LMP1.jpg

The Fenix P20-4 is the little brother and races in the LMP2 class.
It is powered by a turbocharged flat 4 engine with 471bhp and 532Nm of torque. It is a very forgiving car, but can be edgy on the gas.
20231207-231722-RWD-Fenix P20-4 LMP2.jpg

RWD P30-6:
- "authentic" physics based on the Project Cars version of the Car
- openable Doors via EXTRA_B and EXTRA_C
- 2 Aero kits: Winglets at the front will disappear with low front wing settings
- Custom Tyre Textures for Rain, Hard, Soft, Medium
- Lua Script for KERS Delivery on Le Mans:
- Select Le Mans Setting in The MGUK-Delivery Settings and the car will automaticly deploy the additional power in predefined sectors (similar to Intelliboost App)
With an ai_default setup the AI can use that preset too

RWD P20-4:
- "authentic" physics based on the Project Cars version of the Car
- openable Doors via EXTRA_B and EXTRA_C
- Custom Tyre Textures for Rain, Hard, Soft, Medium

Credits/Special Thanks
3D Model, Textures: Slightly Mad Studios
Soundfiles: Slightly Mad Studios, mixed in Fmod by myself
Skins: Slightly Mad Studios and @Ryno917
VRC for their LMP1 tyres, as it is an official permitted mod, they allowed me to use them

20231207-234544-RWD-Fenix P20-4 LMP2.jpg

20230620-001305-RWD-Fenix P20-4 LMP2 2013.jpg

RWD-Fenix P30-6 LMP1 2013_20220614-222941.jpg

Latest reviews

Great cars and glad to have them in AC!
These are awesome cars, thank you for bringing them to AC
Will You port the OTHER Lmp Manufacturer of Project Cars?
Awesome! Thank you for the update! are there any plans to bring the Marek pair into AC too? (although im happy I saved the old engine noise on another car!)
Plenty of fun to drive...especially the LMP2 feels great on the limit
Thanks. I'm missing the font for the LMP2 "[digi_inst]" and you cannot update the P1 through CM, gives a quota exceeded error
Update isn't needed for the P1 if you have this version and I'm going to upload the fonts next year. I'm not able to get earlier to my computer, I hope thats okay
amazing. now in ac where it belongs. Thank you
One of my favorite fictional LMP1 cars from PCARS 1&2 gets another chance on Assetto Corsa.
Thanks so much for making great MOD available!
SHOW. Belissimo trabalho. Que audio fantastico!
Great to see it here! tHX!
Great to see these cars get a post-Project Cars life with an official AC conversion! If only more cars got this kind of treatment.
Fantastic to see this car. Such a shame, that pCARS forum was nuked, there was a lot of great skins there...
That blowoff valve noise made me feel some type of way....
Great conversion Chem, kudos to Ryno for giving permissions for it!

Also made a video showcasing the LMP1 here :
This is just great! Thanks you and Slightly Mad guys.
Chem-Flummi with another banger, thanks a lot for this one.

Maybe the Mareks next... ? :D
Loved these cars back in PCars 2. Really nice to have such high quality models in Ac now. Thanks for your work!

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