1. FreeZiic

    Gokart Route 2 1.0

    Gokart Route 2 by FreeZiic *Map installation: Put the "FZC_Gokart Route 2" Folder into: assettocorsa\content\tracks *Done* Up to 43 pits please guys do not forget that it's my frist mod for the game ! *Information: Map made by Kohdyktop for GTA San Andreas in March 25, 2012...
  2. D

    Tracks Asetto Corsa NEW MAP

    I am in the process of making a map for asetto Corsa, here are some screenshots, let me know what you think, I have only been using blender for two days so I'm still getting used to it all, Still need to add scenery, road barriers, lights, there is still a lot to do. I'm just hoping to get some...
  3. D

    Tracks Map building help needed

    Map building help BLENDER Hi. Just wondering if someone could help build this map I'm working on. I'm having a few issues as I'm not a pro, maybe if someone could tidy it up abit and add a skybox Add-ons included - Curves to Roads V1 I will share any files necessary to anyone willing to help

    Fixed track selection maps for Lake Louise 2.08 1.0

    These maps were included with the track download, but they are not set up to display in the track selection screen, and some are hard to see when set up that way. I moved and renamed them, and I also thickened the lines on those and created a new one for the 23km freeroam. It helps see what each...
  5. 4uProXima

    My ETS2 Continental Combo 000.00

    ETS2 MAP with the new ProMods TGS (Load Order ) ETS2 Vanilla DLC - Going East (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary) DLC - Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) DLC - Vive la France (France) DLC - Italia (Italia) DLC - Beyond the Baltic Sea (Lithuania, Latvia...
  6. tolgaahan53

    Map name ??

    The map was deleted and I can't find it. I just have a photo I took. what is the name of this map? does anyone knows ?
  7. K

    Pacenote Map (& Video) Editor 22b

    Pacenote editor with synced Map Trace and Stage-Recce Video. Simply do a screen recording of a recce run through a stage, while also recording the recce using RaceTrack Data Acquisition (RDA) 1.7. The editor displays: The pacenotes A map view of the road trace with pacenotes...
  8. haxttv

    HaxTTV SimHub Overlays V2

    Instructions Install SimHub then close it. Install RSC_Setup (Last Version Included in Download) Official Post Here Copy the HaxTTV_Graphics folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\ImageLibrary Open SimHub and turn on the new Plugins from RSC. To install the HaxTTV overlays just double click...
  9. Roscoe_PikoTrain

    Sim Hub Interactive Center Console V1.0

    Made from scratch in Photoshop. Taken from the AUDI R8, can be used for anything. Some buttons are touch activated, some activate with a car setting change (Map, Brake Bias etc) Made to be used with a tablet as a center console. Shadows are added for depth. Interactive buttons: Lights - lights...
  10. V

    anyone know name of this app / how to get it HUD to look like this?

    edit: found it its called 3d map. If a mod sees this thread feel free to delete this thread, thanks
  11. Tuttertep

    comfy map 0.008

    requires at least csp 1.78 public installation: main features: - teleport in single player (spacebar on map, super experimental only >csp2.0) - clickable online teleports if server has any - player names - highlighted content manager friends list - second window with minimap please...
  12. A

    Track Map Display (Extended) 4.7.1

    This app started as an extension to by Neys (who kindly gave me permission to publish my changes). In version 4.0 it was completely rebuild in Lua. Install To install this app it is recommended to use Content Manager by just...
  13. DeLaFuente99

    Stowe Circuit - New map, outline and UI 1.1

    Hi, first of all im new on this things so maybe my work its not the best, but its honest work I raced a lot on this track on AC but the presentation on content manager was not the best, so i decided to update it. This addon contains the track map (becouse on the original track the map is from...
  14. El Ultimo Elemento

    Gymkhana Playground V 1.0

    Drift/Gymkhana/touge/cruise all in 1 https://*********/elultimoelemento DISCORD: more content PATREON: FACEBOOK: bug fixed /meshes/texture/Water FX / Grass FX/ Sounds FX/ Smoke...
  15. AKF_FPV

    MAP TEMPLATE (for newbie map creators) v6

    FOLLOW THIS GUIDE Since I started with map editing I struggled with getting them to work in ac so i did this. Here is a template map I made for new map creators including 32 pits + 32 start positions and a hot lap...
  16. M

    How to make the track map

    I need help, I have a few circuits made for AC but I don't know how to make the map of the track, and neither does the Grass Fx, Can somebody help me? Thanks
  17. Assetto Corsa Mod: Singer 911 meets thunderstorm in the irish countryside!

    Assetto Corsa Mod: Singer 911 meets thunderstorm in the irish countryside!

    #AssettoCorsa #TheExtraMile #SingerYou can download the car here: can download the trac...
  18. NightEye87

    Linear map (rally style) 1.3

    This is a linear track map. Inspired by rally games, etc. This app has mostly been a "playground" for Python for me. I learned a lot by making this and I had a lot of support from some very patient people to make certain things work :inlove: It shows squares for stationary cars, triangles...
  19. StoRMiX43

    Forza Horizon 4 HUD 3.0.0

    Feel free to donate to support my projects! (Donation link embedded to the image above!) _________________________________________________________ DAY |McLaren Senna P15|Highlands| NIGHT |BANKSY GTR R34 V-Spec|Mount Panorama| (Used C13 AEGIS PPFilter and BACC FH for Screenshots) Please...
  20. S

    Remove opponent markers from mini map

    When playing road maps with AI traffic (especially 2-way traffic), not knowing if there's a car behind the next blind corner is a part of the fun. But those opponent markers on the mini map take it away. Is there anyway I can turn them off or change the texture to be fully transparent? The...

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