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comfy map 0.008

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requires at least csp 1.78 public

- if drag and drop doesn't work, your content manager version is too old. update content manager or install manually by putting the comfy_map folder inside the zip into assettocorsa/apps/lua

- to open, drag mouse to the right side of the screen and open comfy map from the taskbar

- if app doesn't show up in sidebar, make sure csp->gui->'new taskbar' setting is enabled

- lua apps don't have to be enabled like python apps so don't worry about that

- if the map in-game is missing, weird or has a black background, you can try re-generating the map files from the content tab


- if comfy map gets stuck off-screen, delete every mention of comfy map from the imgui state file (it's a common lua app issue so you can fix other apps this way too)

(1.79 public might have issues with saving settings, fixed in newer csp versions)


main features:
- teleport in single player (spacebar on map, super experimental only >csp2.0)
- clickable online teleports if server has any
- player names
- highlighted content manager friends list
- second window with minimap

- drag & zoom
- middle click to make map follow player
- color options and arrow size in settings
- right click teleport to post in chat
- press space on map road while in f7 camera to teleport camera (possibly a bit scuffed)
- turn signals
- teleport headings
- sitting on teleport warning
- separate map images for smol and normal (track/layout folder, map.png is used for smol and map_mini.png is used for normal)

- teleport config helper in settings (f7 camera uses camera position, everything else uses car position)

please contact me about issues or suggestions ❤

discord: tuttertep

Latest updates

  1. comfy map 0.008

    quick update because the previous one was slightly borked, i'm sorry - fixed map arrows not...
  2. comfy map 0.007

    - single player teleports, works by pressing spacebar like camera teleport (SUPER EXPERIMENTAL...
  3. comfy map 0.006

    - more intuitive settings menu - separate arrow sizes for friends and players - separate arrow...

Latest reviews

Thank you! Love this app and only using the basic map display for SRP
Just downloaded this, and honestly it's probably the best app for AC right now. must-have if you're driving on large maps like SRP!
Thanks for this brilliant app Tuttertep!
A must have, one of the best mods available here, saves so much time on large tracks.
Excellent, use for AI and online Racing as well as online practice. I can see who has entered as well as in what car. I can also see who I am coming up on or who is in the lead with a quick glance when mouse curser is hovered over map. Love how it can be placed anywhere especially over other apps (big +)...I wish when you place the curser over the map and the grey bar with settings icon appears that it would time out or disappear. 5 Seconds would give you enough time to select settings if you need it back just move the curser away and back over again. Thank you very much!!!
aww it makes me super happy you like comfy map! ❤

i'm sorry but the top bar of the app is csp controlled, so i currently don't know of a way to extend the fading duration, but you can entirely prevent it from disappearing by removing the "FADING" flag from manifest.ini.

please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or problems! ❤
Best map/app on the game!
So I was playing SRP 2 days ago and saw those guys driving crazy fast, drifting and all on SRP. Was stunned by the skillz they have. So I opened the chat and started to talk. One of them was Tuttertep! She nicely offered to drive with me and showed me some driving stuff! Also she told me to try comfy map, and Oh my god, I didn't even knew she was the creator of the thing!! But this is a real life changer when driving on SRP or other maps. So Tuttertep, thanks for your kindness, involvement on the AC community and for this mod! I won't go without it now that I know it exists :)
aww thank youu! it makes me super happy you like comfy map ❤❤
Great app, can't live without it!
Great interactive map, very intuitive.
Good for any application but a must have for cruising on the SRP map!!
Rly good mod.
It could be even better when follow player is checked it doesn't allow to browser/view map, so if follow player is checked it would still allow browser/view map using mouse 2.
awww i'm happy you like the app! ❤ i'm sorry but i'm not sure i understand the suggestion, could you dm me?
Great looks, nice overview and an amazing concept. If you experience any performance issues, chances are big it's not this mod but the combination with another trigger happy one ;P
happy new years tutter <3
happy new year quad! ❤
W fix
I have been looking for a way to teleport in singleplayer maps for a LONG time. This update is exactly what I wanted. Thank you man.
I am amazed. What a quality of life improvement 11/10
great mod! but how do i make new TP points in my single player games?
ohh it makes me really happy you like comfy map! ❤ i'm sorry but currently that doesn't work in singleplayer yet, but the next version will have something like that. you can message me on discord for a preview of it.
Hiii Mr2 Queen ;) Thank you for the ride, u got that fire! wow.. and on top of that, u made this wonder.. thanks alot for both the experience of driving with u and the wonderfull app, really appreciate it :) - DizzyDoDoo
awww it was so much fun driving with you! ❤ and it makes me super happy you like comfy map!
Very nice man, continue like this !
good, very comfy
very useful. can no longer drive without it

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