2024 Whelen Mazda MX-5 Cup Base Template + Whelen Engineering #31

2024 Whelen Mazda MX-5 Cup Base Template + Whelen Engineering #31 1.0

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What happened here?
Where's RaceDepartment?
Jokes aside, here's my little appreciation to the one-make championship that keeps gaining popularity over the past 4 years.


Presenting base template for 2024 Whelen Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by Michelin, plus an extra semi-fictional Whelen Engineering #31 livery as a bonus.

This is the base PSD template files for the Mazda MX-5 Cup from Kunos with 2024 season mandatory decals, numberplates and tire textures added to it for ease of access for other skinners who wanted to replicate the entire grid or for beginners who want to start their first skin. This series has been gaining popularity for the past few years and I'm surprised that no one has made an effort to create at least one real livery from it, so I hope I'm making this should start a new wave of new MX-5 Cup skins for such an underrated series.

Any future updates for this mod will be related to only the templates unless I'm feeling like I need to update the skin, which itself I consider as final at the moment. For further questions about the template please let me know in the Discussion thread.

As for the skin itself extract the "2024_31_Whelen" folder into assettocorsa/content/cars/ks_mazda_mx5_cup/skins
(Driver suit, gloves and helmet are NOT included).
Enjoy! :thumbsup:


Latest reviews

Thanks a lot! We need more skins from this series 100%
THANK YOU! Finally some more love for the IMSA mx5s!
So helpful! These cars really needed some modern IMSA skins. Thanks

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