n24h 2023

  1. Martinez_4313

    2023 Falken Tyres Motorsport N24H and NLS skin pack 1.0

    Firstly this is a collaboration with Mediiza, that made spetacular tyres just for these cars #3 NLS driven by Sven Müller, Alessio Picariello: #4 NLS driven by Tim Heinemann, Nico Menzel: #33 N24H driven by Klaus Bachler, Sven Müller, Alessio Picariello: #44 N24H driven by Joel Eriksson, Tim...
  2. Joe_Moma308

    2023 N24h Audi Team Scherer PHX #40 I 4k 1.4

    Hey Guys, When the RSS Aero came out i decided to make this livery. I spend a lot of time in this skin and I wanted, that this livery is on point. Credits: @MEDIIZA Designs - Tyres, some Stickers @finnbot - Extensions @Breanuts - Real Logos @TheBlackF40 - Banner Hope you guys enjoy...
  3. Martinez_4313

    2023 Scherer Phoenix Sport Pack 1.1

    Tyres by MEDIIZA CSP Addons by finnbot This pack only contains only the blue cars run by scherer sport during 2023 across 3 different series: #5 and #16 run in NLS races: #5 and #16 run in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring: #17 GT World Challenge Europe 24 Horurs of Spa *made for the...
  4. Sebastian Parrao

    FALKEN Motorsports #44 | 24h Nürburgring 2023 | Porsche 992 GT3 R 2023 1.0

    [Spanish] Hola a todos! esta es mi primera skin hecha por mi para ACC. Ya se que las 24h de Nurburgring fue hace un par de meses atrás pero debido a la futura incorporación de Nürburgring Nordschleife a ACC me anime para poder hacer esta skin. Espero que sea de su agrado, que la disfruten. :)...
  5. AlexLiveryHouse

    23´N24h Lionspeed by CarCollection #24 1.0

    Greetings, Today i present you my 23´N24h Lionspeed by CarCollection #24 skin for the URD Darche 992 GT3-R 2023 (Get it here: https://www.unitedracingdesign.com/show-sellfy ) After seeing the car this year with my own eyes i did fall in love with that livery and decided to make it. Sadly the...
  6. NoAim187

    Falken Motorsport M6 GT3 Pack N24h & VLN 1.0

    Falken Motorsport Pack for the M6 GT3 In this Pack we have the 2019 Nordschleife 24 hours skin aswell as a 2023 semi fictional version, with the 2023 numberplate and few ajustments and a VLN version. All skins have costume 3d Models of the original M6 Badges, replacing the rss badges. I...
  7. NoAim187

    #25 Huber Motorsport N24h 2023 1.2

    #25 Huber Motorsport Car for the URD Darche 992 23. The Car was driven on the Nordschleife 24h 2023 by: Dennis Fetzer, Come Ledogar, Lars Kern and Romain Dumas. NLS and Spa 24h 2023 Version is WIP and will be released soon :) Check out my Patreon to wish for new Skins or to get Early...
  8. Martinez_4313

    2023 Manthey EMA Porsche 992 GT3R Pack 2.0

    So, I launched pretty much every version until now sepparetely, but, after a lot of reworking and time spent revising stuff, I finally got what I wanted, and instead of releasing everything as an update, why not a whole pack? Huge props to Mediiza for helping me a lot with config, colour...
  9. Martinez_4313

    2023 24 Hours of Nurburgring and NLS Manthey EMA pack 1.0

    I said they were going to arrive at some moment, and here they are, Grello in it's most famous events driven by Michael Christensen, Kévin Estre, Frédéric Makowiecki and Thomas Preining Huge thanks to Bonny for helping and dealing with my stupidity regarding config, and most importantly making...
  10. NoAim187

    Falken N24h 2023 Pack #33 & #44 - Darche 992 GT3-R 2.2

    Falken Motorsport n24h Skin Pack for the Darche 992 23. The Pack includes the Cars #33 und #44. Car #33 is driven by Klaus Bachler, Sven Müller und Alessio Picarello. Car #44 is driven by Joel Eriksson, Tim Heinemann, Nico Menzel und Marting Ragginger. #33: #44:
  11. finnbot

    2023 N24H | GetSpeed #2 1.1

    2023 24H Nürburgring Mercedes-AMG Team GetSpeed #2 Includes: -Standard and Dirty Skins -Driver Suit, Helmet (temporary), Gloves -Mercedes Benz Extension Thanks to everyone who helped with this Skin! @Chem-Flummi - Mercedes Extension @MEDIIZA Designs - Tyres, Reference Images @Hoksu -...
  12. RavenXIII

    ACC 2023 N24H AMG Team Bilstein #4 1.0

    Nürburgring 24H 2023 art car (It contains 3 versions, with number plates and without them, so you can use whatever number you want) If you want a design like this for another car, feel free to message me.

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