Falken Motorsport M6 GT3 Pack N24h & VLN

Falken Motorsport M6 GT3 Pack N24h & VLN 1.0

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Falken Motorsport Pack for the M6 GT3
In this Pack we have the 2019 Nordschleife 24 hours skin aswell as a 2023 semi fictional version, with the 2023 numberplate and few ajustments and a VLN version.

M6 2.jpg

All skins have costume 3d Models of the original M6 Badges, replacing the rss badges.
M6 Badges.jpg

I replaced the unrealistic navigation screen with a Trackmap of the Nordschleife. The N24h Versions have a N24h Endurance Layout on it. The VLN version have the vln layout on the trackmap
M6 int.jpg

The VLN version have the carnumber on the Windscreen and the correct vln banner, and doesnt have a Lumirank
M6 3.jpg

Its forbidden to upload the skin on other plattforms and to use parts of the pack for your own skin, when you want to upload it. Its possible to use the 3d models WITH my permission on your own skins. If you want to use it, please contact me on Racedepartment via pn.

Enjoy the skin and if you want to support my work, you can support me via paypal :)

Jonah (NoAim)

M6 jump.jpg



M6 1.jpg

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