23´N24h Lionspeed by CarCollection #24

23´N24h Lionspeed by CarCollection #24 1.0

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Greetings, Today i present you my 23´N24h Lionspeed by CarCollection #24 skin for the URD Darche 992 GT3-R 2023
(Get it here: https://www.unitedracingdesign.com/show-sellfy )

After seeing the car this year with my own eyes i did fall in love with that livery and decided to make it. Sadly the car DNF very early in the race but still its a way to honor the team and their livery in AC and i hope they come back next year.

With common features included like : Back Lit Numberplate

Lumirank in the Banner and yellow headlights

I tried my best like always to get it as realistic as possible but the orange is a really problem to get proper looking in AC but it turned out very good imo

I hope you guys enjoy the livery so much then i do and have fun driving it over the Nordschleife see ya!!!

If you have any problems with the skin let me know in the disscusion chat of this post

Latest reviews

Beautifully done!
amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!
awesome job mate
Amazing work, you really nailed the difficult orange, looks perfect in game. Thanks for sharing!
Jesus, what an absolute beauty of a livery, thanks! Outstanding
Hi, excellent work. I love Porsches in Assetto Corsa even if this one didn't win my heart. Too much understeer at high speeds. But this does not take away from the beauty of what you have created. Thank you.
A great design and presentation - thank you!
Wonderful - Thanks !!!
Outstanding work mate
Let's go, great job Alex!

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