One Week Track Project: Morris Park Racecourse 1905

One Week Track Project: Morris Park Racecourse 1905 1.0.0

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  1. CSP is needed for GrassFX, Tiling Fix, RainFX, and other CSP adjustments. Will work just fine without it as well.
  2. I have separated the spectators into their own KN5 file, so if you’re someone who likes racing without spectators, you can easily delete or rename “spectators.kn5” to get rid of them.
  3. Dirt physics are a little bit screwy. The AC engine was never designed with dirt track racing in mind, so the physics for dirt surface are very basic and not super realistic. If you’ve ever watched dirt racing, you’ll know the cars fully drift through the corners; in AC, any kind of attempt at a drift on a low-grip surface is likely to end in a complete skid. I have found that appropriate dirt physics can be approximated by turning on traction control and setting stability control to around 50% or so. I would recommend adding a dirt track quick drive preset with these settings to make it easy to switch between surface types. I can’t vouch for how closely it approximates accurate dirt racing physics, but it actually allows sliding through corners, while still being tricky to drive.


The Morris Park Racecourse was a 1.39-mile horse racing circuit that opened in 1889, and held races for thoroughbred horses from 1890 through to 1904. A shorter layout was also situated in the interior, with a long start shoot crossing both circuits diagonally. Automobile racing at the circuit began in 1905, and ran until around 1907, when the land was sold for development.

From the perspective of automobile racing, the Morris Park Racecourse is most famous for holding the inaugural IndyCar championship race, the Morris Park 5, in June of 1905. This race was won by Louis Chevrolet in a 90 HP Fiat race car. A second 1-lap championship race was held on July 4, 1905 as part of American Independence Day celebrations. This race was won by Webb Jay driving a White Steamer. The eventual champion of the 1905 championship was the famous daredevil Barney Oldfield (who failed to appear at either race at Morris Park). No further AAA IndyCar races were held at the circuit, and the next IndyCar championship to be held was the 1916 championship.


This is a 1-week project so it is not quite as detailed as some other circuits I have done. It is still fairly polished, and I think I’ve managed to get a good quality from it, but it may be missing details and special touches that I have put in projects I spent more time working on. It is still great fun to drive at!

Happy racing!

Latest reviews

to be completely honest, we would like you to do circuits in a week... every week!

Great track which goes well with the 2 other vintage speedways you made (Atlanta & Tacoma) of the 1905-1912 era. Now, I'm thinking of Webb Jay, Barney Oldfield and Louis Chevrolet's cars, and the dream goes on... Thank you very much for these very challenging tracks!
Well... what surprises me the most is that you made such a good mod of a track in a week! Some modders take weeks and months to do smt that doesn't even come close to what you shared with us now.

Congrats man.
Fantastic just as it is. So appreciate all of your historic content!
Excellent work for a one-week track mod!

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