1. AleksandrKudriavtsev

    Porsche 992 GT3 R Dashboard for SimHub 1.0

    The Porsche 992 GT3 R Dashboard for SimHub plugin is a virtual dashboard created specifically for a car racing simulator. With this plug-in, the user can configure the display of information about speed, engine speed, temperature and other important parameters of the Porsche 992 GT3 R car. The...
  2. Shuar

    SYSTEM INFO - Simhub

    Hey guys, my first post, so feel free to provide any feedback on this :) Just a simple dash with system info to use with any 3.5 turing screen. Software needed: SIMHUB MSI AFTERBURNER Itens: CLOCK FRAMERATE CPU and GPU TEMPS CPU and GPU USAGE
  3. R

    Raycerray - F1 Race Engineer Dashboard V2.8

    With proud I give you, a different kind of Dashboard, with all the information you need to become the number 1 in the race! This dashboard is specialy designed to use it on a second screen for all the information at your fingertips. You can also run it on a iPad or iPhone. Everything is...
  4. Paulo Mendonça

    SimHub Weather Overlays 1.2

    Three overlays are available: Global wind direction and speed indicator; Relative (to car) wind direction and speed indicator; Rain density indicator; These only work with AMS2 as they're based on data available in the game's shared data.

    Simhub-Dashboard Motec gt1r c1212 (Beamng Drive)

    Motec gt1r c1212 For Beamng Drive This is my first proper Dashboard. Reacretet the Motec gt1r c1212 currently working for beamng drive other Sims not testet. A feedback whould be nice Thanks. Requirements ! Fino demo version Features: 1.Water Teamp Gauge 2.Oil Teamp Gauge 3.Turbo Psi...
  6. TUTORIAL: How To Install a SimHub Dashboard or Overlay

    TUTORIAL: How To Install a SimHub Dashboard or Overlay

    Need help with installing a SimHub dashboard or an overlay! Then you should watch this!
  7. I

    Carbon Redux 1.0

    Just a simplified less informative version of my Carbon simhub dash, this is perfect for just driving around the track, or doing hot laps.
  8. YDTC

    Date and time overlay 1

    Just a very basic date and time for you sim. Probably a few of these out there but
  9. I

    Carbon Simhub Dash 1.4

    I wanted an easy to read, informative simhub dash with all the essential things needed as well as a few decorative things. From that Carbon was born. Special thanks to @manfer304 as I used his mod as my base and none of this would of happened with out him. Thank You! Go and check out his mods...
  10. Soeren Kolodziej

    WEC_Track Map SimHub 1.1

    WEC Trackmap v1.x: -WEC-style -comes with Flagstates (Yellow and Green) -should work with many games
  11. E

    Help with custom device creation and LEDs management in SimHub

    Hi all, I am relatively new in SimHub and despite having done some research, I found it impossible to get information in any forum or discussion on the internet, so I am addressing you as my last option. First of all, I am currently working on a DIY steering wheel that will be containing inputs...
  12. mzluzifer

    SAD - Simple ACC Dashboard 1.0

    My simple Dashboard mainly for might work for other sims as well. In this YOUTUBE-Video you can see a Demo. ->look at Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe-Mainz ->look at my TWITCH Channel ->look at my YOUTUBE Channel ->look at Ko-fi to support Thanks ❤️
  13. M


    The ultimate dashboard for Richard Burns Rally with NGP physics version 7.3x. This dashboard has inspirate by famous Lovely Dashboard by Constantinos Demetriadis. The Telemetry widget are made with real information of WRC enginer. The Real Dashboard screen are made with real information found...
  14. Bikone

    BKN Dashboard 1.3

    I bring you a dashboard for SimHub that will be very useful when you are driving in iRacing. This project is based on my previous Dashboard (PS Dashboard), only in this case it is only compatible with iRacing. This dash includes information regarding fuel information, position, lap times, tires...
  15. Joseph Wright

    A Complete SimHub Overlay Pack for AMS2 0.9.3

    Introducing a brand new overlay for AMS2 based on the Racelab design. After noticing there was not a lot of overlays for AMS2, I decided to make my own. This is still very rudementry, with a number of bugs and missing data. The data you can get from AMS2 is actually really limited, so I'm...
  16. beto_225

    Simhub's Nascar Racing 2003 Dashboard 1.0

    This is a Simhub Dashboard intended to be 100% compatible with Nascar Racing 2003, but it can be used on others sims too. For a Leaderboard, you can use this Simhub's Nascar Racing 2003 Leaderboard
  17. beto_225

    Simhub's Nascar Racing 2003 Leaderboard 1.2

    Believe me or not, i just discovered the fantastic Nascar Racing 2003 this year. But as a Simhub's hardcore user, i found that the support for this game is very limited, specially in dashboards. I searched a lot and didn't found any compatible dashboard in the web. So i started to look in the...
  18. T

    Porsche 992 GT3R Simhub dash (5" Vocore) 1.2 final

    Porsche 992 GT3R dash - adapted to a 5" Vocore screen (16:9 aspect ratio). As accurate as possible with the video material I was able to find - however it is probably a mixture of a Cup and a GT3R dashboard. Let me know if something is off (and not explained below). Based on the work of...
  19. B

    Make a player disappear from leaderboards of simhub.

    Hey, I want to make myself dissappear from any leaderboard overlay from simhub. But I can't find any setting for it. So I looked at ac content manager but I also didn't find a option for it. Is it possibly that I make myself as a driver invisible so that I'm not on any leaderboard or overlay...
  20. W

    Simhub Leaderboard modified 1.1

    Added some stuff to Simhub Leaderboard and changed the color. There's 3 different color leaderboards. I use it for Assetto Corsa, I don't know if it works in other games. I did not make the original leaderboard, I can't remember where I got it from.

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