1. Parkles

    DH Racing SIMHUB Overlay 1.0

    Proudly presented by Davis Hoggan Racing associate Paris Declan Chilop, the Official Davis Hoggan Racing Simhub Dash Overlay. This overlay presents a multitude of critical information which can be easily accessed via the eye receptors during times of high pressure. This custom dash design was...
  2. slemke

    The Engine: Layout (V, Boxer, Inline, Nat. Aspirated) and Displacement, turbo load monitor and more. 11

    - Car Name - Engine Layout and Displacement - Max reached turbo pressure - Turbo Load - Engine/Ignition Status - Live Fuel Calc. (needed +1 lap) -Clock This overlay works better with ACCCDS (Basically the only feature is that the car year is also displayed (like in the screenshot) Source...
  3. cobretti

    BMW M4 GT3 Dash 1.2

    Simply a Nextion 4.3 dash for the BMW M4 GT3 in ACC. I have tried to match it as close as possible to the ACC in game dash functionality. Edit: Now includes 5" version I am sure it needs some more fine tuning :) Forgot to note I use the excellent plugin from Ensi for most of the mapping -...
  4. XIV

    XIV Overlays 2.1.2

    What is it ? This is a bundle with all my simhub overlays oriented for ACC. I bundled them to simplify dev and install and synchronize the versionning more efficiently. Refer to the end of post for install instructions. Tyres (new) Displays : Tire slip (more red = more slip) The average...
  5. zhonglouis

    Chinese players come to learn

    AC ID:zhonglouis Currently learning diy simhub display
  6. I

    AiM MXL Strada SIMHUB Mustang FR500S V2

    I tried to replicate the DDU of the Ford Mustang FR500S of iracing to be displayed on a 1024 X 600 7 inch tablet. It is th AiM MXL strada I believe. Unfortunately on my tablet the rpm bar is laggy. Any feedback is welcome.
  7. T

    3D Printed Dayton TT25 Bass Shaker Mount for Fanatec ClubSport v3 Pedals

    Hi all, This my first post! Not sure if this is the right place for this I designed a Dayton TT25 Bass Shaker mount for the Fanatec Clubsport V3 Accelerator and Brake pedals to replace the existing vibration motors. I printed and installed it on mine set and it works brilliantly along side...
  8. PhronemoS

    101Racing - Global Tablet Dashboard 0.1

    Tablet ACC Dashboard
  9. Gryzzli_

    Formula E Dash 1.0

    Hi, I created a simple dash for ACFL Formula E. mod: https://www.************/produit/formula-e-gen-2-evo-2-v-1-0/
  10. N

    AMS2 Multi GT Dash SimHUB V1.1

  11. simo026q

    SimHub - Modern GT Dashboard v1.3

    VERSION 2.0 (WIP): It will help me a lot if you can leave a review! Pages Race - Laptimes Race - Fuel Qualifying Data DLTA: Delta to session best lap time BEST: Personal best lap time CURR: Current lap time LAST: Last lap time EST: Estimated...
  12. R

    Animated Dashboard with Logos 1.2

    Here is a dashboard I created with a number of animated logo intros. Each intro should load based on the car that you are in. Here is an example of the Ferrari intro.
  13. Gryzzli_

    Sim Hub - Racing Dash 1.1b

    Simple dash for any GT and OW cars.
  14. H

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Time Calculator v0.1

    Calculate an estimated real life time to arrival
  15. PhronemoS - Porsche 991II GT3 R 2019 DashBoard SimHub 0.1

    Clone - Porsche 991II GT3 R 2019 DashBoard for SimHub
  16. PhronemoS - Honda NSX 2019 DashBoard Simhub 0.1

    Clone Honda NSX 2019 DashBoard for SimHub
  17. A

    Dahl Design Dashboard/Properties/LEDcontroller 1.0

    Dahl Design Universal dashboard for iRacing iRacing properties LED plugin Head to SimHub to download and for updates.

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