1. Johnny23

    My father's Trabant 601 Painting for TM-Modding Trabant P 601 RS Mod 1.0

    When I was a little boy in the GDR there were no cars from West Germany, like VW, Mercedes or BMW, instead we in the GDR only had: BMW/EMW models 321, 327 and 340 (1949–1955) Sachsenring P 240 (1956–1959), small number, only sold by authorities and party institutions IFA F 8 (1949–1955) IFA F 9...
  2. cheeveer

    Helbing Trabant 1.0

    Just another silly Trabant. Helbing livery, fictional. A nice field-filler for your Trabant Cup needs. Mod by Fuzo: Extract to assettocorsa\content\cars\tmm_trabant_601\skins Enjoy!
  3. cheeveer

    Kuemmerling Trabant 1.0

    Some of the most renowned touring cars of all time has carried the Kuemmerling livery with grace. BMW M3. Porsche 911. Ford Sierra. Mercedes-Benz C190. These are not among them. These are just a pair of silly Trabants. But don't they look good in these colours! To use with Fuzo's Trabant mod...
  4. Raymond Racing

    Trabant 601 Cup: R4 Micro Mouse Mappy 2-Pack 1.0

    My latest livery for Assetto Corsa, this time for the Trabant 601 RS Cup by @Fuzo and Trained-Monkey Modding based on the Racing Club Micro Mouse Mappy team from Ridge Racer Type 4! This livery is a 2-pack; containing both the standard No.83 car and an extra No.88 car based on the...
  5. DannyDotCom

    Trabant Motorsport Fictional Liveries Pack | Trabant 601 RS Cup 2.1

    Been having fun with the Trabi lately so I decide to give it some big sponsor liveries look as a side project so I don't bore myself when I'm on my day off. On the latest update this pack consist of eleven liveries, complete with different tire brands and a new rectangular numberplate for...
  6. GeForce06

    Trabant Cup Pack - Harlekin 1.0

    Fictional quick pack to fill the grid :)
  7. GeForce06

    Trabant Cup #44 1.0

    Fictional quick skin to fill the grid of that great mod :) Extract to: assettocorsa\content\cars\tmm_trabant_601\skins
  8. S

    22 Fantasy Trabant Skin 1.0

    This is a Fantasy Skin for the Trabant 601 RS Cup by Fuzo
  9. sdaaaaaaaf

    Shell Racing powered by Trabant 1.0

    Trabant P 601 R (TMM) I will make an Huawei Racing Trabant aswell today. and release all 20 skins in a pack.
  10. Hunter24_1

    Trabant RS Cup Rothmans Racing 1.0

    Fictional Rothmans Racing Skin for the TM-Modding Trabant RS Cup
  11. Trabant P 601 R by TM-Modding auf dem Sachsenring

    Trabant P 601 R by TM-Modding auf dem Sachsenring

    In diesem Video stelle ich euch den Trabant P 601 R des Trained Monkey Modding Team vor, welchen ich in Assetto Corsa fahre. Gefahren wird auf dem Sachsenrin...
  12. Dan!Ger

    Trabant Cup 2021 P. Werner #20 1.01

    P. Werner #20 car from 2021 Trabant Cup season.
  13. Fuzo

    Trabant 601 RS Cup 1.1

    Trabant 601 RS Cup version by TM-Modding, version 1.1 This mod represents circuit version of Trabant 601, raced in Trabant RS Cup, DDR Rennsport and Historic Cups across Germany and Central Europe, in specs from season 2022. The appearance of the actual mod was strongly inspired by David...
  14. P

    Trabant EDM replace ?

    This mod is replacing Drivable EDM to trabant Link to EDM:!ZGLlLGR2AGRkAGAwLJVmBQxmZGAyBH9kZ1MvIKWjp0SSIzHjMD== Please download this mod too:
  15. Treaxie 404

    Heyy ya'll

  16. microdino racing

    Gear ratio 1st gear not working ?

    Hi, i'm trying to adapt the original gearbox from a Trabant 601 to the game. But the first and the second gear seems to be the same? I'm a bit confused... Here the gear ratios: (1.) 4,08 (12,48) (2.) 2,32 (19,44) (3.) 1,52 (25,38) (4.) 1,10 (29,32) (Final) 3,95 (19,75) Is there a limitation...

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