Trabant Motorsport Fictional Liveries Pack | Trabant 601 RS Cup

Trabant Motorsport Fictional Liveries Pack | Trabant 601 RS Cup 2.1

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Been having fun with the Trabi lately so I decide to give it some big sponsor liveries look as a side project so I don't bore myself when I'm on my day off.


On the latest update this pack consist of eleven liveries, complete with different tire brands and a new rectangular numberplate for that clubman look.

#34 Paulaner Brauerei München (Continental tires)
#46 Carl Zeiss AG (Michelin tires)
#30 Ahlstrom (Dunlop tires)
#4 BWT (Continental tires)

#61 Paulaner Spezi (Continental tires)
#11 Castrol (Bridgestone tires)
#57 Vita Cola (Continental tires)
#58 Bautz'ner Senfklassiker (Continental tires)

#77 Lufthansa (Michelin tires)
#28 DHL Andretti (Firestone tires)
#84 Kaufland (Pirelli tires)

Requires the Trabant 601 RS Cup car mod by Fuzo which you can get here :

More liveries will come with every update, if you have a particular idea for a sponsor, feel free to drop it in Discussion thread. ;)

Extract the ZIP file into assettocorsa/content/cars/tmm_trabant_601/skins
Enjoy! :thumbsup:

Credits :
Fuzo (car and livery template) (Enjoy your retirement, I guess?)
Theofilos (Romain Grosjean ACSPRH helmet for #28)
Michael Doherty (Alpinestars driver suit template for #28)
Hoksu (Alpinestars ZX-Tech gloves for #28)

Latest updates

  1. Three new liveries + Ahlstrom update

    New job relocation actually killed any chance for me to work on more skins, so unfortunately...
  2. New liveries + some adjustments

    - Five new liveries : #58 Bautz'ner Senfklassiker (Continental tires) #46 Carl Zeiss AG...

Latest reviews

Damn those skins are gorgeous! That Vita Cola skin just warms my heart! You're amazing!
Cheers, enjoy your cola :)
Love the new skins, easily 5 stars ;)
the best ever!!!! thx
It's sad that it's the last update, but pack is really great, high quality so thank you so much for it. :))
I said "latest", not "last" XD

Dw new liveries will come in due time ;)
Top skins! Thank you so much!
Amazing quality, love it
the best just got better!!!! thx!
Yaaayyyy, someone finally made good looking, high quality fictional skins for this car! Thank you so much, I hope eventually we can have a full grid of Trabis with skins like these. :))

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