Trabant 601 RS Cup

Trabant 601 RS Cup 1.1

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Trabant 601 RS Cup version by TM-Modding, version 1.1

This mod represents circuit version of Trabant 601, raced in Trabant RS Cup, DDR Rennsport and Historic Cups across Germany and Central Europe, in specs from season 2022.
The appearance of the actual mod was strongly inspired by David Wehlish's "Jagermeister" version of Trabant RS Cup car
The mod itself was inspired by the "rf1 to AC conversion" of this awesome little car from unknown author lurking around the AC forums.
This mod was created mostly to pay tribute to the "children of comunism", for people who remember the times when there were long waiting lists for cars like this, exotic fruit was only thing of the bigest Holidays and to get meat for Sunday lunch you had to wait hours in lines...

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- project management, 3D modeling, file assembling, physics
Fabricio - sounds modding
Kore79 - testing, feedback, data consultation, skins
Walczu - skins

Big thanks to René Köhler ( for his involment in the project, his enthusiasm in testing and improving the mod.

Special thanks to Marek Braun from HMC Wünschendorf and Klaus Oßmann from MC Lockwitzgrund for providing very valuable data from the real racing version of the Trabant.

This mod is vanilla AC compatible, no CSP needed to run it, but strongly recommended!


Kunos launcher (not recommended):

Extract "content" folder from the mod’s archive to your Assetto Corsa installation directory.

Content Manager (recommended):

Drag and drop the mod’s archive to CM window and click install in the “burger” menu.

*** WARNING ***

!!! Do not modify, convert, reupload to other websites or use any part of the physics, 3D mesh, textures or sounds without our permission !!!


Latest updates

  1. Update 1.1

    Fixes and updates in v. 1.1: - fixed auto shifter - fixed ingame driver appearance for all skins...

Latest reviews

verry nice
Un grand merci pour ce travail de qualité !
Un mod fun et agréable pour des sessions détente !
Awesome to see such a great mod of a pretty obscure car.
Superb mod, love low power cars and trabant is sepecial for me... my dad had a 601 that he moded whit some aero and then swap it for a 1.1 polo/ifa sending it to a magical guy that made 70 hp from it, i remeber it had a 4 speed manual and the gearing made its top speed around 180 km/h... oh the memory, when he had gone to a better place we had to sell it, only left whit photos... but now i can play it in asseto :D thx dude
Such an amazing little car. Thanks!
Very good, thanks
I expected you to make this mod sooner or later, absolutely magnificent! Have been waiting several years for a good trabant mod!
Thanks for fixing the only minor glitch, i.e. the automatic gearbox.
Great mod! Thanks!
Hoping for a future release of a street version Trabant :-)
Such a fun car to race
This was the greastest product of communism. Well done comrade, you met this month's production quota of fun.
hello, a great thing! Unfortunately I have problems with the gear shift. 3rd and 4th gear are not engaged. is it an adjustment thing?
hallo, eine super Sache! leider habe ich Probleme mit der Gang- schaltung. Der 3. und 4. Gang Wird nicht geschaltet. Ist das eine Einstellungssachen?
use manual gearbox instead of automatic, there is a bug, will be fixed in the update.
Finally a great Trabant 601 for Assetto. That car is serious fun!
An excellent quality mod of a great little car. This little Trabant is on par with the best paid mods. It is enjoyably detailed, including the interior. I've now thrashed it around a few smaller courses (Brands Hatch Indy fits well) and I can assure you that it drives as good as it looks. Sounds immersive, too. Thanks for this mod, I am very happy to have found it!
It was a great honor to work with you. You have done a great job. My special thanks go to Marek Braun from HMC Wünschendorf and Klaus Oßmann from MC Lockwitzgrund for providing very valuable data around the racing version of the Trabant. Without the two drivers still officiating in two different racing series, we were able to collect enough data together that we were finally able to develop a Trabant mod that actually drives similarly. Fuzo and his team at TM Modding did a sensational job of converting all the data. No matter if photos, technique or physics. I wish everyone a lot of fun with the mod and don't worry, we are now developing a great online racing series. Joint simply on our Discord. There is very soon news about the first Trabant Marken Pokal :-)

Thanks a lot Fuzo.

Greetings from Dresden


Es war mir eine große Ehre mit Dir zu arbeiten. Du hast eine klasse Arbeit abgeliefert. Mein ganz besonderer Dank gilt Marek Braun vom HMC Wünschendorf und Klaus Oßmann vom MC Lockwitzgrund für die Bereitstellung sehr wertvoller Daten rund um die Rennversion des Trabant. Ohne die beiden noch amtierenden Fahrer in zwei verschiedenen Rennserien konnten wir genug Daten zusammen sammeln, dass wir endlich eine Trabant Mod entwickeln konnten, die sich auch wirklich ähnlich fährt. Fuzo und sein Team von TM Modding haben alle Daten sensationell umgesetzt. Egal ob Fotos, Technik oder Physik. Ich wünsche allen nun viel Freude mit der Mod und seit ohne Sorge, wir entwickeln jetzt noch eine tolle Online Rennserie. Joint einfach auf unseren Discord. Da gibt es ganz bald Neuigkeiten rund um den ersten Trabant Marken Pokal :-)

Danke Fuzo.

Grüße aus Dresden
großartig, ein Stück deutsche Geschichte, danke!
great, a real piece of german history! Thank you!
What a great little car, that 2-stroke do be loud.

If only I could smell the exhaust fumes from it as well....
Megacool! Und sie bewegt sich doch...

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