Cars Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ


Thought it was time to give this one a thread.

I received the model from @RobertLidstroem a while back to get it in game. Since then I have been occasionally working on it in my spare time.
The model had some issues because it wasn't made with a game in mind, but I've been going through it fixing various things like normals, missing faces and smoothing certain parts. The original low poly model (interior, exterior and wheels) was around 80k triangles I believe. Right now the exterior including wheels is around 110k triangles and I've started improving the interior.

Progress is slow because I'm still learning as I go, but hopefully I'll be able to release a decent mod at some point.

Right now I'm working on exterior textures and shaders, and I still have to start on the interior.

Hi all, quick update.

During the little spare time I had I've spent a lot of time looking at other cars, studying their textures and models and I learned quite a bit. With that I reworked the outside of the car.
I did some optimizations like reducing the number of objects, and got better textures and shaders compared to before (I think at least :p)
So right now I consider the car body to be done, so I can force myself to do the other parts of the car. The wheels, lights and interior still need plenty of work.


The more I look at those tires the more I hate them. They were my first attempt at baking normals from a high poly mesh but either I failed or the shape is too hard to recreate with a normal.
New update, I'm considering texturing of LOD A and high res interior done for now. Also sorted out the collider (finally), and I've made a start on the low res interior.
I'm quite happy with how the textures are turning out considering I dove in with barely any knowledge about textures, maps, etc. But every time I finish something I already see some spots which make me want to redo the textures :roflmao:

I can't promise anything but if progress continues like it is now and I'm happy with how everything looks I can hopefully get it ready for release within a month or 2 now.


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