Bodies are identical to SCE. I did not try every single cars but I have not seen any change in the .veh files: skins from SCE can simply be dropped in AMS and it works! (Older skins would just need the class line edited.)
Same for most of the windows but I noticed the Lancer Cup and SuperV8 have different shades now and need to be redone: glass used to be black, it is now light grey. The mapping is the same, it should just be a matter of importing the existing decals to a new template. Not sure when templates will be available tho...
For a new class… You can make a new serie (rfm files are now called series) but cannot name it the way you want, it is discussed in the Cars WIP thread.
The only annoying thing for me is for matte paints: cars look always shiny with the new shaders… I am still trying to adjust a paint from SCE and it does not look as nice. Chrome is working well tho! :)
AMS 2016-02-28 00-06-39-20.jpg
Helmets must now have an alpha layer (it was only mandatory for kart before). If not, you get a nice chrome helmet. :p Template did not change either. Suits have the same template too.
There is also a cool new feature in the official tracks: the pit boxes are paintable! Each team can have its own colors… I'm experimenting a bit. Most people will probably think it is a default one since the scheme theme is Automobilista… :rolleyes:
AMS 2016-02-28 17-59-58-76.jpgAMS 2016-02-28 17-59-23-24.jpgAMS 2016-02-28 17-53-34-94.jpg
with just a straight copy of a Superv8 skin into AMS all seems pretty fine except the tinted sun visors don't work?? I tried even full white in the alpha and it sill didn't work (make it a solid colour ala GSCE full black made it go clear but not visa versa GRRrrr apart from that I think its all good, once some does a Dunlop tire properly

I wish I cod do them myself... anyone care to train me :)

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