Grand Prix 4

GP4 is probably my favourite racing game! Took ages to get it working but now I have got it running stable and it's brilliant. The feel of driving could be better, but considering how old this is now it's not bad. But the best of it is the AI. I've not seen better AI in any game I've played, they react to your movements, block their line, fight with each other. It's the best offline experience I've had and I don't know why other games haven't matched this, let alone improved on it after all this time. Most games the AI at least doesn't smack you off, but you never feel like you're driving a real race.

I am currently racing a 1991 mod, which is fantastic. I hear there is work on a 79 mod, which would be brilliant. I tried the 79 mod in rfactor and although it was probably the best mod I have played in that game, I couldn't enjoy it because of rfactor's poor AI.

Not sure a subforum would be worth it though. There's probably not enough people, or new activity to make it worthwhile. Plus there's no online play.
it seems his profile might have gone or its been set to private because it doesnt show up in searches or in the member list, but he deffinately plays LFS because ive raced against him.

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