iRacing purchased Monster games

Oh my, this is exciting indeed. Something I really like about this acquisition for iRacing's future is that the AI racing in games by Monster is often very good, especially on paved ovals. Check out SRX The Game -- with the SRX cars or Late Models on paved short ovals, it legitimately gets near or above the level of NR2003 from what I've seen. Perhaps Monster will help iRacing with their AI? That'd be awesome if so.

NOTE: Hmm. Reading that press release, the head honcho of Monster was with Papyrus (devs of NR2003) along with Dave Kaemmer back in the day. So my statement about the AI above seems less surprising!
It seems like all the publicity iRacing got on national tv here in north America last yr has really payed off and allowing them to expand with the increased income from the large player base.

In the past 3 months:
Terence Groening (former Chief Architect @ rFpro)
Orontes Games
Monster games

I hope this all equates to improved physics...maybe a higher tick rate and improved graphics.

I also just read on there form the title gained Nvidia reflex tech which is used by several completive eSports titles to further reduce latency.


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