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Misc Pau-Arnos 2020 (French race track) GrassFX, Light, Season, Extension track lighting 4.0

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zuno toto submitted a new resource:

Pau-Arnos (French race track) 2020 light and GrassFX - Pau arnos GrassFX light

Add Grass FX and light on Pau Arnos 2020 Track

unzip in track folder

Track Pau-Arnos (French race track) 2020

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zuno toto updated Pau-Arnos (French race track) 2020 light and GrassFX with a new update entry:

Add season,help mode

Add season CSP
Add help mode

help mode :
help mode activates the lighting of the track and the point markers of the string points. The goal is to help learn the track before taking it off to make the race more real or not. It's up to you.

How it works ?
At the end of the ext_config file you have a start called help mode
Change the active parameter = 0 and put 1 in place of zero
do the opposite to cancel the help mode
You can change the settings even if you have started the...

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