1967 24 Heures du Mans skinpack

1967 24 Heures du Mans skinpack 2017-09-25

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The pack includes 19 vehicles participating 1967 24 Heures du Mans
It requires appropriate DLC's
8 - Ford GT40 (including Mirage-Gulf)
4 - Porsche 908
7 - Ferrari 330P4

Latest reviews

very good
Good, but the ACL pack has a Berlinetta P4, a T70 MK II, and a MK IV
it has now. when a did that pack, it havent.
and Porsche missing in ACL
Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing
Thank you for your contribution. Great work on the skins.
Great work, all we need is a Chaparral 2F, Ford Mk.II and Mk.IV, P4 and 412 P Berlinetta, Mirage M1 (rebodied GT40), Lola T70, Matra MS630 and Porsche 906, 910 and 907 (to replace the 908). Other than the GTs and smaller sports cars we have a complete grid
so actually
we have nothing;)
Great work , thanks
Nice work, many thanks!
Fantastic. Thank a lot.
I'm exepecting for the P4 skins
wow...thats great. thanks!
Perfect - thanks! :)
Awesome Work, Thank You!!!!
Nice stuffffffffff
Nice. Well done.
All this is magnificent, this skin pack is beautiful, thank you very good job boy. What is Kunos waiting for today's modern and historic Le Mans circuit?
Great skinpack! Now all we need is the official track by Kunos :P
Cool skins pack , thanks !

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