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1987 ford sierra cosworth rs500 1.20

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Version 0.82 includes both many updates to the stock RS500 and Group A RS500, as well as adding yet another version; the drift version. Shaders have been tweaked inside and out, physics gone through completely. We really hope everyone likes it, we've put a lot of time into it, and it still needs a lot of work to bring it to a 1.0 standard.

-Original mesh: ChongMcBong
-Porting, extra fixes, physics: Bobskype
-Group A Skins: NWRAP-ESP
-Sounds: GTACE, Kunos
-Testing: Lunae, Marlo0081, Avoletta, Patrik Marek, Jebus, Pankykapus, and anyone I'm forgetting

-No damage
-No gauge or tail lights... Gauge lights didn't look very good to me :\
-The mesh is NOT perfect. I know it's not, I'll try to fix what I can in due time.
-Anything else that is an ACTUAL BUG, let us know please. :)

All Group A liveries have been painted by NWRAP-ESP
1987 BTCC - Completed
1988 BTCC - Completed (NOTE: Goode#15 & Brodie#30 are not 100% and I will update when I have better references)
1989 BTCC - Works underway
1990 BTCC - To be completed
1991 BTCC - To be completed
1992 BTCC - To be completed

1986 ATCC - To be completed
1987 ATCC - To be completed
1988 ATCC - To be completed
1989 ATCC - Completed
1990 ATCC - To be completed
1991 ATCC - To be completed
1992 ATCC - To be completed

IF you wish to use any of the items from my skins please ask and you will be given the OK.

I can even give you the logo you want to use.

PLEASE don't steal my work as a lot of time and research goes into making my skins.


Skinner for AusModders Bathurst Legends 69 Mod for Rfactor
Skinner for AusModders Bathurst Legends 72 Mod for Rfactor
Skinner for V8FU 2011 Fujitsu Series Mod for Rfactor

Donations can be made via paypal email




Here's the Group A version's templates, thanks to NWRAP-ESP:
For those that are interested here is the templates that I have put together for the Group A version.

The templates are made up as the following parts

Cagebake = Roll cage colour
Bodycolor_inside = Interior bodycolour (floorpan)
Glass_Decals = Front & Rear window banner and window text
Bodybake2 = Car Body
sierratex2 = front light covers

On the following 2 textures (Glass_Decals & sierratex2) anything that you do not want to be see through needs to be
painted white on the alpha layer (Black is see through, white is not)

I have included the different colored rims & several tyre brands and also a default skin folder (0001)

Just thought I'd make a thread for this one so people know it's in progress. Original model was made by Chongmcbong of the GTA community. He gave me permission to port this and any other vehicles he has made, so long as he is given the proper credits.


I just started doing the work to port the mesh from being packaged for GTA: SA.




So, with this thread being made, here's where I have to ask for some help. I'm an American, we never got these cars legitimately. So any pictures, any and all information, data, please post in this thread. Even if you think it's a little piece of info that won't matter, it actually might. ;)

Let us know what you think of the car. :)

I decided I'd throw this up here, for anyone who wants to donate. I've put a LOT of time into my mod's for AC, along side working full time. It is not at all expected/required, but very much appreciated.

Latest updates

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    Update 1.2 is the latest, and very well may be the last update for one of my mods for a long...
  2. 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 (including Road car, DTM, Group A & Drift versions)

    Finally we're going to call this update version 1.02. Damage has been added to all versions...

Latest reviews

Thanks for creating this mod and allowing it to be continued and updated to latest AC patch here
thanks to waste your time with this project, something about maserati biturbo gr. a or holden comodore vl gr.a? great job mate
It is an excellent mod, the interior sounds amazing and the model is very well detailed.

However I have no sound on the exterior which is a real shame. Can we get and update on this?
update this car please :/ ?
No exterior sound and no tire sound, no update. Very bad cause the mod looks good and the physics was ok :(
Is this mod abandoned? No update by far and after 1.9.3 there's no more external sound as already said by dhm04042
Car is good, but no exterior sound at all in 1.9.3 version
plz check it out.
Good car. But what is the meaning of it if the car go to the pit stop even after the first/second lap? As opponents in races and championships is not suitable! And the author does not know how to fix this problem.
The Gr. A or the DTM version (I dont remember which one) matches very good with in game Group A cars, and the street car is super B too!
Thank You
Top Mod, thank you very much :)
Great mod, great skins (blink blink NWrap Graphics :D )
Brilliant mod in all aspects!
Very cool mod and a big big package skins.
It's great. The Group A version is very very exciting to drive (it's nuts!) Physics seems good too.
Your mod and work is among the must haves for AC, easily better than most Kunos cars, and you brought to life an era of racing that's sorely missed today. I hope you continue your passion thank you for your work.
Great mod of a great car
when can we expect update for v 1.1 ?
Great work, thanks!

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