20 Skins pack for Porsche 911 Camel Turbo

20 Skins pack for Porsche 911 Camel Turbo 1.0

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Hi everyone !

Here you will find a brand new fictional skinpack for a lovely monster of a car : The porsche 911 "Camel" Turbo, made by Legion (link in the readme). I love those kind of bangers : too powerful for his body, yet surprisingly easy to control once you get the throttle right. It came with only his base skin, now it got enough for racing !


Spec related, it's all 4k, with names (fictional) and countries, in a racing serie sponsored mainly by Camel and Good Year, in the seventies.





Originally the car's body is very mat, it doesn't reflect light. Maybe it is intentional, I don't know, anyway those skins were not made with that render in mind. As I am not sure if the body material preset is saved in the skins or not, if you don't get the same "shiny" result as the pictures above : don't panic! And follow the instructions below :

- in CM, go to the most related Kunos-made car around : the Porsche 911 RSR 3.0, and open it in the CM showroom

- Now, click on the body, and click on the 3 dots next to material (on the right, normally)

- in the new window, click on "change values" and DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING, just click on "save preset" and put whatever name you want for it

- Now go back in CM, go the Porsche 911 Camel Turbo, follow the same path on it but instead of saving, click on the "unsaved preset" and choose the one you just created.

And VOILA ! all shiny.

OR you can also just keep the original preset of the car, it's a matter of taste, that won't affect anything else (... supposed to).

Have fun !

Latest reviews

Just off a race on Bryar with these puppies.
No surprises here, great job as always!
thks mate !
Nice set of skins.
Unfortunately the Dev concerned seems to know little or nothing about the 'Camel' 911. IRL this was a 911S run by Jim McKeowan as part of the Shell Racing Team in the 1970-1971 ATTC Series.
The 'Camel' sponsorship came after the Shell Team disbanded and IIRC the car was run by A.N. Other......I think.
Whatever, you have done a very nice job of skinning another 'Legion' confection.
Cool, thanks for the historic part. But as it is stated, it's a fictional skinpack, so... It doesn't need to be based on reality. It's kind of the point, actually. It's for fun u'know.
It's great, thank you very much, although the name of the folder (as it is downloaded from the link you have put) of the car is mckeown_porsche_911_turbo. As you have the folders it would not be installed...
Ah, dang, Legion must have changed the name in a recent update... Thank you for pointing it out

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