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2008 Season Mod 1.1

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Hi everyone! I would like to introduce you to my first mod, the F1 2008 Season Mod for F1 2014. I often download mods from you guys from this site so I am very excited to contribute for the first time! I hope you will like it.

Thank you Wilbur Chavez for making wireframes and 3D models to make modding so much easier.

BACKUP your game files! This mod WILL CORRUPT your save file so please backup those as well. Extract the files with 7-zip or similar programmes, and then copy and replace the files in your F1 2014 game directory.

All the car models in this mod are based on the Red Bull RB10 due to its relative ease to mod.

I painted these myself - please excuse the Honda and the Toro Rosso because I literally took the brush and painted it like crazy (though I like how the Toro Rosso turned out; my sincere apologies if you don't!). The car performance is true to the season (e.g. BMW Sauber is the 3rd fastest car) and I have edited the database for team tiers and other AI performance adjustments. I did made all races use medium and hard tyres so that you won't have to worry too much about tyre wear. I read the terms of service and discovered I can't link to other mods here, but there's a Bridgestone mod out there so go look for it!

The language file (only English) has been edited for driver names and the year. I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me about bugs in here or anything that takes the immersion out of the game.

The frontend folder has been edited such that the pictures of team logos, cars and drivers have been included.

The garages folder has been edited so that each team garage is at least the right colour. I have not spent too much time on this area as we hardly see the garage interiors anyway but I can update these textures in future quite easily.

Known Issues
Everything in the characters folder is messed up at the moment, including gloves and race suits and teamwear. I will update these when I learn how to make them less abysmal. Edit: Updated! Some of the textures still look a bit amateurish but they are at least a lot better than the first release.

I don't know how to paint helmets, so I gave the existing helmets to their corresponding drivers (e.g. Hamilton will have his helmet) while giving slightly modified original Codemasters helmets to other drivers.

Please feel free to ask questions in the discussion! And as you might expect, you can't play online with this mod.

Thank you for your interest!






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Team select.jpg

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Latest updates

  1. F1 2008 Teamwear Update

    What's changed New textures for pit crew, race crew and driver race suits Closed gap between...

Latest reviews

This mod is awesome
tengo un problema con el mod
porque todos los volantes son de red bull
y no cambia el sonido del cohe
y las ruedas no son del 2008 son del 2014 solucion????
The mod is perfect, the steering wheel are the RB ones but is not a problem. only one imprecision, the stats of driver. When Nakajima win 11 races XD
can i use this for my f1 2008 career mode on youtube
Very nice mod! I love this mod! :)
The mod is great! But the names and teams are not changing. can you help me why is that happening?
All in all the mod is great, but please try to close the gap between professional and expert. In my opinion is a gap from 2-3 seconds to big.
Absolutely awesome mod. Go to the Discuss This Mod tab for it and you'll find some other mods to use with it that will make it even closer to the real 2008 season too and help enhance it.
Seriously great mod, wpinrui clearly put a lot of work in.
Awesome work. thanks.
great mod! :) better than my F1 2006 mod to F1 2013 :)
Great Mod.
Can't wait for the update.
One thing I noticed is when you do a normal Qualifign and you look at your TV-screen in the garage the names of the drivers are mixed up. Maybe you can fix that?
I noticed that too but somehow the changes I make in the language file to try and solve that problem don't seem to fix anything so at the moment I don't know where I can fix that. Nonetheless thanks for the review!
fantastic work! Could you please do a 2007 or 2006 mod as well?
Thank you for the review! I'll think about it but no promises xD
Plus, at the moment I'm still working on updating this mod - race crew, pitcrew and race suits etc.
Great work ! Can you add more languages soon ?
Thanks for the review! Sadly I only have the English language file installed so I can't really add other languages unless I can find those files somehow.
You must have spent quite some time on this,
great work mate.
I particularly like those BMW's.
Good job thanks for this mod magnificent !!!
AMAZING , just one request/hint maybe take off DRS just because in 2008 that didnt exist , again Amazing mod just give me motivation to pick up the game again
Thank you! About the DRS, I don't know how to do it personally but there's a mod for F1 2013 that apparently also works for 2014 and if you're interested you could check that out.
this is a really awesome mod

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