2012 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix

2012 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix 1.0

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This is a small preset to simulate the 2012 Belgian GP and make AI more closest possible to reality.

The mod used is Grand Prix 2012 by SimDream with the update by Ponz and a Spa revised update.
I downloaded the Spa version a time ago and I dont remember from where (included in the file), credits to the owner.

The car selected is the Williams of Bruno Senna (17th in the grid), if you want to change the car, I recomend to delete the car you want to drive in the grid and add the Williams of Senna.

There are two grid presets:
-Qualifying results
-Grid with penalties

The quick drive preset sets real date, temperatures, wind speed and direction. By default uses the grid with penalties.

Hope you enjoy it.
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