2014 IMSA Ford Daytona Prototype Telcel #01

2014 IMSA Ford Daytona Prototype Telcel #01 2023-03-20

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Car: Ford_riley_daytona
(Mod Included in Zip)

Ford Telcel #01 - Scott Pruett, Memo Rojas

Looking forward to this prototype grid guys !!!

DM me if there is a particular prototype skin you want to see from this era !!! Again, THANK YOU to @yezhrod for making this mod workable enough to FINALLY do liveries for it...

The rest of the grid coming soon !!!

As always, If anyone interested in donating, would really appreciate.. THANK YOU !!!!


Enjoy Guys !!!
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Latest reviews

This and the #60 Skin are very top level for this forgotten Ford Dp, but as someone here spoke before, the livery doesn't sim to work well with the model included (Wheels an the other things are outside the car, is fun to see this going 150 mph) i tried with original mod but the livery doesn't work, whatever i do, always loads a pretty chip ganassi one, but thanks for doing it this!, this is helping my TCE recovery
Thanks a lot !!
Very glad we're getting more USCC skins and I'm excited for more but yeah that mod needs to be fixed, these are unusable until it is.
Thank you for these beautiful skins of yours I hope more skins arrive soon because I am organising an event at Sebring with 2014 cars and these skins come in handy as the ACTK mod only has one by default
Thank you really for your effort. The car also drives ok and its a good grid filler. Unfortunately the car still needs a fix, because the tires and brakes and the wheel are flying beside zhe car during race sessions.
ohhhhhh shoot man really I use the Chevy and my buddy fixed the model map to skin it but i wonder if that did something to the in game driving !!! let me ask him... you know what you can also go to Garage ACTK website and the original car mod is there. let me see if the skin will work there... THANK YOU for pointing this out !!

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